Why You Shouldn't Close Your Pool Early

So, it’s August, and your kids are either back in school or headed that way. It might seem like a good time to close your pool, right?


Just because the kids are going back to school doesn’t mean it’s time to shut down your swimming pool. In this article, we look at why you shouldn’t close your pool early.

Close Late for Best Spring Opening

In fact, we recommend you wait until your water temperature is consistently below 60-65° for a better spring opening.

In Oklahoma, we’re often looking at late October before this is the case.

Your water temperature needs to be consistently below 60-65° to avoid algae growth and other problems.

If you close your pool prematurely, you’ll have more work and spend more money when it’s time to open your pool in the spring. Close for the climate not the season.

Why not enjoy your pool as long as you can?

Early Closing Leads to Green Pools

When homeowners close their pools too early, they can open to spring green pools.

Keep your water circulating as long as you can to avoid expansive periods of time where the pool is just sitting.

It’s less expensive to run your pool another month than to clean up an expensive mess in the spring.

Keep Your Family Happy

School seems to come earlier every year. Why not give your kids something to look forward to when they come home from their first weeks of school?

Summer fun in the pool doesn’t have to end just because the books have come out.

Enjoy your pool through August and September! Coming home to an azure blue pool is quite inviting for kids who’ve been sitting in school all day.

Final Thoughts

We encourage you to close your pool according to the climate and not the season.

Pay attention to the weather which often means extended summers and late arriving winter temperatures coupled with early springs.

As one final note, be sure to have your water tested before closing your pool and add chlorine and algaecide to ensure your pool is protected until spring.

We’re happy to close your pool for you when the time comes. Call now or request your pool closing today to ensure your spot on our list!