Plunge: A Revolutionary Cold Plunge Ice Bath

We’re so excited to introduce you to the PLUNGE! The revolutionary Cold Plunge uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you cold, clean water whenever you want it. This means it is far superior to an ice bath or a chest freezer.

The Plunge is safe for indoor or outdoor use. Installation is super easy! Fill your Plunge up with a hose, turn it on, set your temp (down to 39 degrees), and get ready to change your life!

Fiesta Pools and Spas is the only dealer in Oklahoma for this fantastic ice bath!

Change Your Life with Plunge

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Plunge on Shark Tank!

Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey of Plunge explain how their cold tub — set to 55 degrees — tackles inflammation and more. Shark, Robert Herjavec agrees to give it a shot, and the rest of the Sharks get a big laugh out of his screaming as he adjusts to the cold temps. From ‘Shark Tank’ season 13, episode 21.

Plunge Features

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  • Cooling Down to 39 Degrees F

    Plunge hits 39 degrees of circulating water.

  • Indoor or Outdoor

    The Plunge was designed to be put anywhere. It can withstand all the elements – rain or shine.

  • Circular Filtration

    Water constantly circulates helping water quality and providing a colder plunge experience.

  • Ozone Sanitation

    Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that breaks down unwanted contaminates and helps maintain water quality.

  • 20 Micron Filter

    Twenty micron filter pulls out hair, skin cells, and other debris out of the water.

  • Underwater Light

    The built-in underwater light shines at night to illuminate the Plunge.

  • No Plumbing Needed

    The Plunge is self-contained. With proper maintenance, once you fill it up from a hose, your water can last up to six months without changing it.

  • Plug and Plunge

    The Plunge uses a standard 110V outlet. A dedicated circuit is strongly recommended.

    PRO/XL – 20 amp dedicated breaker.
    STANDARD – 15 amp dedicated breaker.

  • Long Lasting Durable Tub

    The Plunge tub is made of acrylic and fiberglass with a reinforced metal base that lasts a lifetime.

  • Fully Insulated

    To prevent condensation, the underside of the tub is filled with insulation. All tubes on the back of the Plunge are also covered with insulation.

Why Cold Plunge?

Elevated Energy

Do you need loads of coffee to get going? Get a quick start to your morning or an afternoon pick-me-up and boost your daily energy!


Cold plunge benefits extend beyond the mental! Athletes have used cold water therapy for years, an now you can, too, for active muscle recovery.

Immune Support

A cold Plunge can help detox your body and strengthen your immune system. It also has the ability to lower upper respiratory tract infections.

Mood Boost

A cold Plunge just may help reduce depression and improve your overall mood. You’ll have to try it for yourself!

Pain Relief

Consistent ice baths have been shown to boost Norepinephrine. It’s a neurotransmitter that can dramatically reduce inflammation and help with your chronic pain.

Stress Relief

Cold water therapy can be an effective supplemental treatment for stress relief. How? It decreases the stress hormone cortisol. For many people, cold baths help reduce anxiety and improve the mood of participants!

Better Sleep

Dipping into the cold Plunge, triggers the body’s autonomic nervous system. This is a network of vessels and nerves, split into two parts that control your response to stress. As you control your stress response, you may find you can relax and sleep better.


Cold plunging can increase your baseline dopamine. Dopamine is the molecule in our brain and body that is linked to motivation. According to Dr. Andrew Huberman dopamine can enhance our depth of focus and lower our threshold for taking action towards our specific goals.

What is an Ice Bath?

An ice bath is when you immerse part of your body in ice-water for a limited amount of time. This is typically as part of a recovery routine. Some people recommend 10 to 15 minutes, but PLUNGE recommends two to 10 minutes.

An ice bath is sometimes called cold water immersion, cold water therapy, cold therapy, or cold plunging. Although mainly used by athletes for sports therapy, ice baths provides many benefits in addition to aiding physical recovery. Non-athletes can benefit from taking ice baths, too!

Ice baths are part of your overall wellness plan from your mind to your muscles. Check out these benefits:

Overall Health

  • Immune system support
  • Increase blood flow
  • Boost metabolism
  • Support weight loss
  • Boost energy

Mental Health

  • Elevate mood
  • Build discipline
  • Increase mental resilience
  • Decrease stress
  • Energy boost
  • Reduce anxiety and depression

Recovery & Pain Relief

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce & prevent muscle soreness
  • Boost performance
  • Build physical resilience
  • Reduce chronic pain


  • Reduce eye puffiness
  • Tighten skin
  • Erase fine link and wrinkles
  • Increase blood flow to create healthy glow