How to Know When to Change Your Sand?

How to Know When to Change Your Sand?

Have you ever wondered how to know when it’s time to change your sand in your swimming pool?

Generally, we recommend a sand change every three to five years. There are also some things to look for in case you need to do it earlier. We look at those in this article.

Pool Maintenance is Vital

As a pool owner, you know that regular maintenance is part of pool ownership. It keeps your pool in great shape, and it protects your investment.

It can be easy to forget about changing your filter sand because you don’t do it all the time. But this is an important maintenance item.

Often, cleaning your filter works, but every three to five years, you want to replace the sand completely. Let’s look more at how to recognize the signs.

Signs You Need to Change Your Filter Sand

It’s important to note that over time, the sand particles wear down. Thus, the sand no longer catches the debris as efficiently. Here’s what to look for.

  • What is the appearance of your water? You might notice cloudy water if it’s time to change your sand. Although there are quite a few reasons you may have cloudy water, do a water test first. If you still have cloudy water, contact us and ask about your sand.
  • You may notice channeling in the sand. The old sand clumps together, and you may have gaps between the sand and the filter. If this is the case, your filter won’t work as well as it could. The water starts to channel around the edges of your filter, and it doesn’t move through the sand. So, your pool is most likely dirty. You may even notice algae that just won’t go away. Check for channeling by opening your pool filter. Look for gaps and even ridges.
  • Next, you may notice pressure buildup using your pressure gauge. It can tell you if your filter is working properly. The gauge tells you when to backwash your filter, so the harder your filter has to work, the more pressure builds up. If your backwash and pressure return to a high rating quickly, you may need to change your sand. Normal pressure is three to five pounds per square inch (psi). If the number is much higher than that, contact us for a sand change.
  • Your pool uses too many chemicals. While you know you need regular chemicals, if they don’t seem to be working or you are using more than normal, your sand filter could be the culprit. Again, contact our service team!

Final Thoughts on Changing Your Sand

Your sand filter helps keep your pool clean and free of debris. If it’s been three-five years, it may be time for a sand change. At Fiesta Pools and Spas, we are here to help!

Give us a call or contact us, and we can help you with your change and know if it’s time!

If it’s been three to five years, it’s time to think about getting your pool ready for summer. Contact us today to get on the list for a sand change and cartridge cleaning!