Pool Chores for Kids

Pool Chores for Kids

You love your swimming pool, and so do your kids! It’s such fun watching them splash around with family and friends!

Yet, it takes a bit of work to keep your backyard pool clean and clear for daily swimming. Involve your kids in helping keep it clean and watch their appreciation for the pool soar!

Today we look at pool chores for kids.

We’re going to show you some pool chores that are appropriate for children and teens of all ages so the whole family is involved in maintaining your swimming pool.

Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting they get involved with electricity or equipment. And, we encourage you to keep all of your pool chemicals out of reach of children!

Here are a few ways to spread the job around.

Young Children

Yes, even your your young children can help. Get some small, hand-held pool nets and let them spend a few minutes skimming leaves and debris off the water’s surface.

Turn it into a game – the first child who fills the entire net gets first choice of pool toys or gets to choose a pool game. Turn up the music and have some fun. Be sure to supervise the entire time to keep children safe!

Older Children

We’re talking school-age children and teens here.

Brush the Pool

If they are strong enough, give them the pool brush to brush the sides of the pool. They can clean the tiles and the skimmer walls. It’s helpful if they are big enough to handle the pool pole.

Brushing and skimming each week improves your water clarity, but it also can be a good workout!

Dive to the Bottom

If they are good swimmers, send them diving to the bottom to retrieve lost items such as toys, earrings, hair clips, balls, etc.

Vacuum the Pool

Another possible task for older children is vacuuming the pool. Show them how and watch them enjoy this job!

Clean the Deck or Patio

Older children can use your leaf blower (with supervision) to blow leaves off the area around your pool. They can also use a bucket and mop to clean mud and stuck-on debris off hard surfaces.

Water Testing

While, you don’t want your children handling chemicals, they can be taught to test the water using test strips or a test kit and then make a log of your pool’s chemicals levels in your pool log book.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your family’s swimming pool can be a fun task to do together. It teaches responsibility and encourages them to take better care of the swimming pool and the swimming pool toys.

It’s also a great way to build their self-esteem as they can look back on the pool and enjoy something they helped take care of!

Remember to keep chemical maintenance to older teenagers and adults. Warn your younger children to stay away from chemicals. This is especially important, for example, because chlorine tablets can look like hockey pucks and sidewalk chalk. Keep your pool chemicals out of reach of young children at all times.

Here’s to a family that works together and plays together!

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