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There are five key reasons we are your best choice for spa care products. Our staff is highly trained, well-equipped, experienced, friendly, focused on your hot tub care needs and trustworthy.  Stop by today and discover the SpaGuard Expert Advantage for yourself.

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You’ll find professional quality SpaGuard chemicals at each one of our Fiesta Pools & Spas locations along with staff to help you find just the right product.

Soft Soak® TRIO™

The effortless spa care kit is here! It combines 6 benefits into 1 easy-to-use kit!

Soft Soak® TRIO™ makes spa care simple. The pre-measured packets eliminate the guesswork. The easy step numbers let you know exactly when to add them. This system works to:

  • Soften water
  • Clear water
  • Destroy impurities
  • Prevent scale
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Clean pipes and surfaces

TRIO was made for the spas that hold 350-450 gallons of water, which is the majority of spas in the market today. It is highly recommended for new spa owners.

Hot Tub Water Care

Looking for tips on hot tub water care? How about health and wellness information? Check out our blog!


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