Fiesta Wins Aqua 100

We are so happy to tell you we’ve been inducted into the AQUA 100, an exclusive honor bestowed to just 10 North American pool and spa retailers each year.

Aqua 100

The AQUA 100, presented by AQUA Magazine, is an industry-leading competition designed to honor excellence in pool and spa retail. In light of the adversity specialty retailers of all kinds have faced over the past decade—the rise of online shopping, the pressure to adapt to market conditions throughout and after the global pandemic, and more—the AQUA 100 honors the diamonds of excellence that have not only survived but thrived, proving once and for all that the spirit of brick-and-mortar businesses will carry on.

“Each company should be very proud to have been selected as an inductee into the AQUA 100, as the national competition evaluates each business on a variety of measures,” says AQUA Magazine Executive Editor Scott Webb. “This is a very high honor in pool and spa retail, and we are very proud to shine a light on their success and hard work.”

Application Process

The application process was rigorous, requiring entrants to provide detailed information on company history, customer service, store design, digital presence, marketing, and community involvement, complete with supporting documents. Applicants were judged by an independent panel of retail experts. The judges’ blind scoring ensures a truly worthy winner!

“We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our longevity in this industry,” says Travis Hogan, the owner of Fiesta Pools and Spas.

The April 2024 Article Excerpt

AT FIESTA POOLS AND SPAS, the motto is, “We help make lives better.” The company is passionate about helping customers find the recreational product that is right for their family so they can enjoy all that wellness has to offer. In fact, everything Fiesta Pools and Spas does, in regard to store design, its digital footprint, marketing, and more, is done with the customer top of mind.

In the last few years, the company relocated one store to a brand-new building, and completely remodeled its second location to improve the customer experience. Both have a modern, appealing aesthetic, with high-end products towards the front. “Customers can easily find what they want, while also directing them to products they didn’t know they needed,” says Travis Hogan, owner of Fiesta Pools and Spas.

Hogan notes that some of the best interactions and experiences with customers are during the company’s annual Pool School, which has proven to be a valuable event for customers and a favorite for staff. “Having a forum with industry experts on hand to answer questions, ranging from the very basic to advanced, prompts great discussion and feedback,” he says. “Pool School really allows us to connect with our customers in a very personal way.”

The event has certainly improved customer relationships, which motivated Fiesta Pools and Spas to take it to new heights — the company is planning a “Wellness Fair” on top of its Pool School and several Spa Schools on its event calendar this year.

Fiesta Pools and Spas also knows that the key to customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction.

“Happy, content, and trusted employees go on to provide the excellent customer service Fiesta is known for, so we will continue to do all we can to engender employee loyalty,” says Hogan, “and to harness the knowledge, skills, and know-how of our team members.”

Teamwork is one of several key core values the company works to uphold, including dependability, gratitude, knowledge, and accountability.

“The value of working together towards a common goal binds our team together in a positive manner,” says Hogan. “We train our staff to, ‘Say it, mean it, and do it’ — and to be thankful for every day.”

The opportunity to make a customer’s life better through the purchase of a pool or spa will continue to drive the company forward, as it has big plans for the future, from opening additional locations to expanding online sales.

“We take great pride in enhancing our customers’ wellness, recreation, health and connection with friends and family through our lineup of products and services,” says Hogan, “which are a direct result of listening to our customers and anticipating ways to serve our community better.”

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