7 Tips for the Perfect Memorial Day Party

7 Tips for the Perfect Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day weekend is when we unofficially kick off summer! Like many people, you may be celebrating with a pool party.

To get you a head start on your planning, we’ve put together seven tips for the perfect Memorial Day party. Start planning now for the best success!

#1: Choose a Party Theme

You have so many choices when it comes to picking your party theme. Here are a few ideas:

  • Red, White, and Blue – Patriotic is always a good choice!
  • Hawaiian luau
  • Mermaids
  • Beach
  • Fiesta

It’s a good idea to pick your theme because it helps you choose the right decorations for your party. For example, if you choose a patriotic theme, you can pull out your red décor from Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

If you go another route, hit your local party store or dollar store for party supplies. When you are picking up supplies, use this handy list:

  • Decorations
  • Plates, Napkins, Cups and Silverware
  • Extra towels for your guest – stop by – we’ve got some very festive pool towels in-stock!
  • Sunscreen
  • Invitations
  • Food

#2: Send Invitations

Whether you mail your invitations, use an online service like Evite, or simply mail them, it’s time to send your invites.

Tell your friends and family what time to arrive and whether you want them to bring any food with them.

#3: Finalize Your Menu

You might decide to make all of the food yourself, or you might ask everyone to bring something, pot-luck style.

Burgers, hot dogs, chips, pasta salads, grilled veggies, fruit kabobs, and desserts are all good ideas. Be sure and check out our grilling recipes for some ideas.

#4: Pick Up Drinks

If it’s warm, and we hope it is, you’ll want to have plenty of water on hand.

Plus, consider a festive adult drink that works with your theme. Hosting a patriotic party, consider a red or blue drink. Having a fiesta? Serve margaritas.

Be sure and offer non-alcoholic drinks as well, such as lemonade and punch.

#5: Set Up the Area Around Your Pool

Now it’s time to set up your patio area. Ensure you have enough seats for most of your guests to sit comfortably if they aren’t in the pool or hot tub.

If you don’t have enough chairs, you can always ask people to bring a chair or two with them.

#6: Get Out Your Pool Toys and Games

Be sure and set out your inflatable and pool toys. If you need to refresh from last season, stop by one of our locations – you’ll find a great supply!

Inflatables, beach balls, squirt, floating games, and even backyard games for those not swimming can make your party successful.

#7: Create Ambiance

If you’re having your party at night, set out some candles (citronella is a good idea to keep the bugs away). You can also hang festive lights to create a warm atmosphere.

Night or day, create a summer song list. Music is a must for your Memorial Day pool party.

Throw in some summer tunes and party favorites. You might even sneak in a patriotic song or two. Consider your audience when planning your playlist.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to get your swimming pool and/or hot tub ready! It’s always a good idea to bring us a water sample so we can test it for you for FREE! This way, you know exactly where your water stands and what you might need to add to it.

There you have it. You now have seven tips for the perfect Memorial Day party. If you need any help with your pool or spa before the big day, stop by – we can help! Plus, we’ve got grills, and grilling supplies to ensure everything tastes great!

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