How Do I Pick the Right Shape Pool?

How Do I Pick the Right Shape Pool

You have many options when it comes to choosing the right shape shape pool for your inground swimming pool. You are only limited by your the shape and space you have in your yard and what you personally prefer.

In addition, you  also want to consider the uses for your pool. For example, if you primarily want it for a lap pool, you would most often choose a traditional rectangular pool. But, if you want it for more aesthetic reasons and as a place to relax, you can move into curvier shapes.

In this article, we answer the question, “How do I pick the right shape pool,” and look at some of your options.

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Look at Your Space

What is the shape of your backyard?  How much space do you have?

These are just a few of the questions to consider when choosing the right shape for your pool. Here are a few more things to think about:

  • Do you want patio or pool deck space? How much room do you have for it?
  • Will you be building the pool deck separately?
  • Where will the pool sit in your yard. Is it straight out your back door or more at an angle or on a curve.
  • Do you have existing landscaping to work around, or will you start from scratch?
  • How big of a pool do you want?
  • What will you use your pool for?
  • Will you add an outdoor kitchen area, a hot tub, more landscaping, or a waterfall?

Answering these questions can help you decide on the right shape for your pool.

Look at Your Activity

The next thing to consider is who will use your pool, and what will they use it for.

Will there be children using your pool on an ongoing basis? How about anyone with mobility issues such as the elderly?

What will your pool users do in the pool? Is it for lap swimming, diving, water sports, games, play, relaxation, lap swimming, or something else? What do you dream of when you think of a day at your pool?

You also want to consider how deep you want your pool, especially if you are having a diving board.

It’s not uncommon for people to want to use their pools for all of the above reasons, and our expert designers can design the perfect pool for your needs.

Consider the Aesthetics

While many people want a traditional rectangular pool, others want some that is a little curvier. Whatever your choice, you do want to make sure that shape will work well in your backyard.

In addition, consider what you want out of your backyard pool? Do you want the most beautiful aesthetics possible so you can look out a wall of windows each day and see your pool?

Do you want a place for a regular staycation? Are you looking for something more tranquil and calm, or something more tropical feeling? Are you looking for top of the line luxury or something else?

It’s good to also think about accessories such as water features, hot tubs and spas, tanning ledges, infinity entrances, diving boards, slides, and more. Do you want to incorporate any of these features into  the shape of your pool?

Finally, don’t forget to consider how the shape of your pool will compliment the architecture of your home.

What are My Shape Options

There are so many choices. Here are the most  common shapes we see:

  • Rectangle Pool
  • Freeform Pool (any possible shape with any number of curves and turns you can imagine – a more organic shape)
  • Square Pool
  • Oval Pool
  • L-Shape Pool (two rectangle shapes)
  • Round Pool
  • Lap Pool
  • Roman Pool (A rectangle pool with bubble like arches on one or both ends.
  • Gothic Pool (reversed corners so the bend inward)
  • Grecian Pool (angular bends by cutting off the corners of a rectangle pool)

Building the Right Shape Pool

You can see that you have a myriad of options when  it comes to choosing the shape of your inground pool. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect design for your backyard!