What Size EGG is Best for Me

Ever wondered about the Big Green Egg? Have you asked the question, “What size Egg is best for me?” Read more

Tips to Turn Up the Romance

While springtime is the stuff poems are made of, February 14 is celebrated by lovers across the world. On Valentine’s Day we share gifts, time, and romantic gestures to those we love. We recognize couples, parents, siblings, children, friends, and more with kindness and generosity.

For couples, though, who have a hot tub at home, they can count on a Valentine’s Day soak to turn up the romance. Let’s look at some tips for the perfect romantic hot tub escape. Read more

How to Reduce Online Learning Stress

You left Algebra I behind years ago. You haven’t ever had online learning stress. It’s always been comfortable working from your office, while you’re kids were in school with their favorite teachers.

But, 2020 happened, and here we are in 2021, and not a lot has changed. Many of you are still working from home solely or in a hybrid format. And, many of you have children in school part time and at home part time or even home all the time.

The stress is mounting up. In this article, we look at how to reduce online learning stress so you can all coexist peacefully from one day to the next. Read more

Brined, Injected or Roasted

Wondering about your best options for cooking your holiday turkey? With the Big Green Egg, you have many options. Whether it’s brined, injected or roasted, check out these videos and learn how to cook a turkey your guests will still be talking about next year!

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Have a Hot Tub Holiday

We can all probably agree there’s nothing normal about 2020. This extends to our “normal” Thanksgiving celebrations.

So, what are you to do to celebrate the holiday? While experts agree that your Thanksgiving gatherings are better if they are small and limited to people in your household, you can still have a relaxing, memorable Thanksgiving.

In this article, we look at how to have a hot tub holiday for a great day and night. Read more