Gunite Inground Swimming Pools

Gunite (often called concrete) swimming pools are one of the most popular and flexible pool types in terms of design. Why?

– They look amazing.

– We can build them in nearly any shape, and they can fi into irregular spaces. They can also reflect the style of your home.

– They are long-lasting with proper maintenance. These are permanent, reinforced pools finished with concrete and plaster.

– You have limitless options for customization! Want something out of the ordinary and freeform? Looking for a natural-looking oasis, or maybe you want something super modern? Traditional more your style? Thinking about custom water features, custom steps, and beach entries? How about a fire feature? Looking for a tanning ledge or a shallow play area for the kids?

With a gunite pool, your only limit is your imagination!

Gunite Swimming Pool Details

If you’re looking for a high-quality, long-term investment, this may be the pool for you. Here are just some of the reasons people love gunite pools:

Near-endless customization

We build gunite pools to your exact specifications, so the shape and size of your pool are almost limitless. We can also add extras like tanning ledges, steps, and more. Let’s get creative!

The pool finish

We offer a wide range of options for your pool’s surface. From plaster to pebble to all-tile, you can choose your colors, textures, and styles to create the look you want.

Great durability and a long lifespan

Gunite swimming pools are built to last. With proper maintenance, you can expect to enjoy your pool for up to 20 years or more.

Do keep these things in mind:

  • Concrete pools require maintenance. Because concrete is naturally porous, the pool walls may need to be brushed more often to prevent algae.
  • Your installation will take some time. With a gunite pool, you can expect your swimming pool installation process to take several weeks or even a couple of months.
  • Despite the higher price tag, many swimming pool owners tell us that the gunite pool’s long lifespan makes up for the higher initial cost.

How Much Does a Gunite Pool Cost?

Our 15×30 Freeform Gunite Pool

This is a stunning option for those who want a touch of luxury. It includes 400 square feet of decking with cantilever coping and a pristine white plaster interior finish.

This pool package comes with two LED color-changing lights, a variable-speed pump, a cartridge filter, and a chlorinator. Your price is just just $59,400. You may also choose a 15×25 rectangle for the same price.

Our 15×30 Rectangular Gunite Pool

It’s perfect for those who prefer a more traditional design. This pool is equipped with ozone/UV sanitation, it features two LED color- changing lights, a variable-speed pump, and a cartridge filter. It’s an affordable option for those seeking elegance and functionality. Your price is just $66,000.

Custom Gunite Pool

Looking for a custom gunite pool that may include a number of special features? We can add custom features to any of the standard pools listed above, or we can design something from scratch. The sky’s the limit with your imagination and wish list at the helm!

The Design Process

We can build your dream pool! Your imagination coupled with our design skills ensures we can make your dream come true. Your swimming pool consultant will take your dreams into consideration including pool shape and design as well as water features. We’ll then go back to our design studio and create it for you in digital 3-D.

Once completed, you’ll come back for a visit with your pool consultant and review the designs and discuss modifications.

You’ll enjoy your experience with the leading Tulsa swimming pool contractor as we make your dreams a reality!

It’s Not Paradise Until It’s Finished!

You should expect your backyard to be somewhat messy and “visually unpleasant” during the installation process. Completion times vary based on the type of pool and state and local inspection criteria. We’ll spell out the precise terms, time frames and responsibilities of each party in your contract.



After preparing an access way to your pool site your pool layout will be marked in your backyard. Make sure that any trees and areas that you want to protect are clearly marked. You and/or your builder will need to gather all of the necessary permits. Heavy equipment will be brought in to dig the hole.


We will set and secure the substructure of the pool to keep it in place. The bottom of the pool is then shaped and smoothed. At this point, it should begin to look like a pool! The plumbing system is positioned, including pipes connecting to the main drains and inlets. The builder will also frame the surrounding deck and walkway areas. Wiring is also installed at this time.



Depending on the type of pool you have chosen, it is now time to install the interior finish. Gunite pools are finished with pneumatically applied concrete. Vinyl pools will have a liner installed. Fiberglass pools will have a one-piece shell installed. Once this is complete, the pool will be filled with water and the builder will complete the deck, coping and walkway areas.



Accent pieces, hardware and water filtration systems are now ready for installation. Now is the perfect time to install the appropriate safety signage. Adding one or two dramatic accessories will set the mood. Don’t forget patio furniture and umbrellas. Consider well made pieces as the investment will be well worth the price. Grills and outdoor fire pits will make the look.

Gunite Swimming Pool Options

Interior Finish
A variety of selections are available, including white plaster, colored plaster, painting, pebble, quartz or glass bead finishes. Whatever you choose, the results will add to the overall beauty of your pool.

Decking & Coping
Your decking choices are unlimited – wood-grain composite, stained concrete, stamped concrete, natural stone, cool deck (coating, colored/textured), deck pavers or tile. Edges that blend from the deck into your pool are most frequently used. Whatever material you choose, the end result will be an attractive, comfortable outdoor space that complements your home.

Upgrades & Accessories
It is generally more cost effective to plan the features you desire at the time of initial construction and installation. However, many features can be added after installation. Consider including spillover or island spas, rock or step waterfalls, interior finishes and colors, accent medallions, laminar jets, rain showers, sheer curtains, misters, lighting effects and pool heaters.

You can also accessorize your poolscape with volleyball and basketball setups, backyard grills, fire pits, slides, loungers, pool covers and outdoor furniture.

It’s not paradise until it’s finished. You should expect your backyard to be “visually unpleasant” and somewhat messy during the installation process. Expect a gunite installation to take between eight and 12 weeks.

Swimming Pool Financing

See Your Gunite Swimming Pool Financing Options

Not sure how a new swimming pool fits into your budget?

Check out our multiple financing options to make your backyard dreams come true!

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