• Hot Tub Accessories

    Choose from accessories designed to complement your spa and increase its usability.

Water Care

Your spa requires a water care system. When you choose a Hot Spring spa, you can select from three great options. We can help you pick a water care system that works best for you and your lifestyle.

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ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System

The ACE salt water system automatically creates five powerful cleaners that keep your spa water clean and fresh for longer, without harsh chemicals.

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Everfresh® Water Care System

This system utilizes a combination of ozone, silver ions, and MPS non-chlorine oxiders to create crystal clear spa water, with reduced levels of chlorine.

Traditional Water Systems

Each spa requires your choice of a water care system. From the exclusive ACE salt water system, to the EverFresh system and line of Freshwater bottled products, we have an option that will work for you.

Spa Accessories

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CONNEXTION™ Remote Monitoring System

This innovative remote monitoring system provides peace of mind for spa owners who are on the go or have a spa at a second home.

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Cover Lifters

Cover lifters make it quick and easy to lift your hot tub cover off and on. Our cover lifters also help extend the life of your cover by reducing wear and tear.

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Spa Side Steps

Making it easy to climb in and out your spa, Hot Spring spa side stairs are designed to match your spa cabinet and your spa model.

Your Hot Tub Enjoyment

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Stream music and have your own library of tunes. We’ve got an entertainment system to enhance your hot tub experience. Find a sound system with Bluetooth wireless technology and in-home wireless sound system.


Spa Side Enhancements

Enhance your hot tub experience with products designed specifically to go with your spa: spa side umbrellas, spa handrail and a spa side towel tree.



With the CoolZone System, you can heat and cool the water – something that is not possible with most spas. Enjoy a cool dip during the day and warm soak later that night.

See Your Financing Options

Not sure how a new hot tub fits in your budget? Check out our financing options to make your backyard dreams come true. Financing is subject to credit approval.