The Best Fourth of July Party in Tulsa

The Best Fourth of July Party in Tulsa600

It’s almost here—the pivotal point in the summer when friends and family get together for one day and night of festive fun, a superb party, great food, and fireworks!

If you’re thinking about having a pool party, we’ve got some super tips for you. Let’s look at how to have the best Fourth of July pol party in Tulsa!

Start with the Food

Every good pool party has food, lots and lots of food. We’re thinking burgers, chicken, and ribs grilled right on your favorite grill. If you’re looking for recipes, head on over to our blog for some inspiration.

Then comes dessert. Take a quick tour of Pinterest for some Fourth of July-themed dessert ideas. We think keeping to a red, white, and blue theme is a great idea!

Don’t forget the salads, sides, and even the appetizers. When swimming is involved, you’re going to have hungry guests, so always plan on more food then you’ll need.

Your salads and chip bowls can even take on a patriotic twist. Think colored chips and pretzels, and try using red, white, and blue veggies.

Make a Playlist

Create an ambiance with your red, white, and blue tunes. While you don’t have to play a whole day’s worth of tunes like “You’re a Grand Ol’ Flag,” do consider throwing some patriotic medleys on your playlist.

This will add an extra patriotic flair to your pool party.

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Plan for Games

The kids and even the adults will love a game-filled pool party. To continue the Fourth of July theme, you can also do a Pinterest search for patriotic games.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Play Fireworks. Grab some softballs in various sizes. Have the kids line up by the deep end. Then, start throwing balls for the kids to catch as they jump in. Whoever catches the most balls wins. Make sure to spread the kids apart so no one gets hurt. And pick up some red, white, and blue balls for extra party fun.
  • Play 13 Colonies. Create stations for each colony on one side of the pool. Grab some red Solo cups and write the name of each colony on the cups. Put a stone in them so they don’t blow away. Make the other side of the pool the Atlantic. Put a bucket filled with the 13 marbles to represent England. Players need to bring the marbles to the colonies. While the younger kids can carry them in the pool in their hands, older kids can try to carry them on their toes. Who wins? The team who carries the most marbles over. If a player loses a marble, they have to pay taxes by bringing all of their marbles (colonies) back to England.

To Conclude

At Fiesta Pools and Spas, we love the Fourth of July. Not only is it a time to celebrate our independence and patriotism, but it’s a time to get together with family and friends for one whole day of outdoor fun.

There’s nothing quite like a swimming pool to bring everyone together. We wish you all a terrific day filled with much sun, fun, water, and great food!