Back to School Party Tips

Back to School Party Tips

It’s August, so that means school is right around the corner, or for some of you, it may have already started. So, it’s time to throw a back-to-school party that your kids will remember!

Host a back-to-school pool party and help everyone start the school year on a great note! Going back to school doesn’t have to mean the end of summer fun – we’ve got plenty of hot days ahead! Let’s look at back-to-school party tips:

TIP #1: Invite Everyone

This isn’t the time to leave anyone out. Invite all the kids in your child’s class so everyone feels included.

It’s a great way for everyone to get re-acquainted and meet any new students. You might also consider inviting the teacher(s). This is another fun way to get everyone acquainted.

TIP #2: Play Music

Put together a great music play list. Mix together summer fun songs – oldies and current! Ask your children for some of their favorites – especially the ones they like to sing and dance to.

Have a pool side dance party. If you’re having the party during the evening hours, hang some string lights in the trees for added ambiance.

TIP #3: Choose Pool Games

Play pool games. Throw a watermelon or two in the pool and have a relay. Traditional games like Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows are always fun.

Again, involve your children in picking some pool games.

TIP #4: Use a Theme

Have a theme and plan your food around the theme. Fish-shaped sandwiches, chicken on a stick, and cupcakes to match the theme or your school’s colors are a few ideas.

Have your party before school starts or in the few weeks after it starts – the weather is sure to be prime for swimming for several months, so you’ve got plenty of time!

Don’t have a pool? We can help – get an above ground pool in time for your party – contact us today!