Did You Know You Can Teach Infants to Swim?

Did You Know You Can Teach Infants to Swim?

We have partnered with Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) in Tulsa to bring you a six-part video series on the importance of teaching babies and toddlers to swim. We meet with JoAnna Gilkey from ISR and Amy Mutispaugh, who lost her young son to drowning.

Yes, you can teach infants to swim, and this series is a must-watch for everyone, with or without children!

August Water Safety

Did you know you can teach babies to swim? At Fiesta Pools and Spas, we are dedicated to Water Safety Month. It’s so important to us that children love the water and stay safe in it. Check out this article as Mike talks with JoAnna Gilkey and Amy Mutispaugh about @Infant Swimming Resource -Tulsa and how they both got started. It’s a great watch!

Amy Mutispaugh’s Story

Amy Mutispaugh shares how her four-year-old son, Evan, fatally drowned in an inground hot tub, and how she learned about @Infant Swimming Resource Tulsa. Learn from JoAnna Gilkey about how important swim lessons are for all children. Is there Homework?

Is There Homework?

It’s back-to-school time, and we’ve been talking a lot about infant water safety. So… you might wonder if there’s homework. Mike talks with JoAnna Gilkey of @Infant Swimming Resource -Tulsa so that we can learn more.

Layers of Protection

ISR teaches layers of protection. No child is drown-proof, so it’s important we are the last resort if everything else fails. Even though they learn to swim, ISR is the last layer of defense if the child gets to the pool alone. Eyes on supervision and being in the water with your child is the way to go. Learn more!

What Does ISR Look Like?

ISR is five days a week and 10 minutes per student with one-on-one instruction. It usually lasts about six weeks. Learn more about the teaching process in this video.

Where Do I Start?

Wondering where to start with ISR? This video has all the answers! Want to learn more? Visit their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/isrtulsa