Water Safety for Pets

Does your dog like to swim? Ours sure do! It’s a great way to spend some fun time with your furry best friend while allowing them to cool off in the hot Oklahoma sun.

There are some things to think about, though, when letting your dogs in the pool. Let’s look at water safety for pets.

Teach Them

The first thing you want to do and practice with your favorite thing has to do with your pool steps.

You want to get in the swimming pool with them and show them how to get in and out of your pool using the pool steps. You might need to bring out the treats for this training session.

It is highly important in case your dog falls in or can’t get out the swimming pool. If your dog is too small to use the steps, you want to really consider if you should let them in the pool.

You can also find pet safe ladders to make it easier for your dog to get in and out of your pool.

Add a Fence

Whether it’s protecting pets, your own children, or neighborhood children, you want to install a fence around your pool.

This protects everyone and helps ensure you won’t have a devastating accident.



Don’t let your pets around the pool without supervision.

Just like when there are kids in the pool, you want a water watcher making sure your dog is okay in the pool and not drowning.

Check Swimming Skills

Not all dogs can swim. If you have a swimming pool, you want to put your dogs in the water when they’re young so they can get used to it.

Your best rule of thumb is to assume your dog can’t swim. If they can, don’t assume they can do it for a long period of time.

Get a Pool Alarm

This is another good idea for dogs and children.

The pool alarm system floats in your pool and goes off if there is a disturbance in the water. It let’s you know someone needs help.

Final Thoughts on Water Safety

Now that you have some water safety tips for pets, you can plan a short outing in the pool with your dogs.

Finally, swimming pool covers don’t protect your pets from falling in unless they are approved safety covers. So, please be careful when letting your dog out alone with a covered pool.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!