Our 6 Favorite Cold Plunge Health Benefits

Our 7 Favorite Cold Plunge Health Benefits

The hottest wellness trend right now is actually getting downright cold!

Deliberately plunging into icy cold water sounds like the stuff of horror movies, right? Well, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Plunging in ice cold water actually has a myriad of health and wellness benefits. These include relief for aches and pains, faster recovery for athletes, reduced inflammation, and even an increase in metabolism.

There are so many good reasons to slip into icy water, we’re going to share with you our seven favorite Cold Plunge health benefits. First, let’s define cold water therapy.

Why the Cold Plunge?

When people jump into cold water, whether in the ocean, a lake, a pool, or a Cold Plunge, they are doing it for therapeutic reasons. Temperatures as low as as low as 39°F trigger a physiological response in your body. For many people, the ideal temperature maybe a little warmer than this, but our Cold Plunge models go as low as 39°F.

How Long Can You Cold Plunge?

This again is a personal preference, but you definitely don’t want to do it too long. At Plunge, they recommend an ice bath duration of two-10 minutes (others recommend 10-15). You can get benefits from your ice bath in only two-three minutes. If you’re new to the process, staying in for even 30 seconds is fine. You’ll build up to a longer duration later.

Now let’s check out those Cold Plunge health benefits.

#1: It Puts You in a Better Mood

It turns out it puts you in a better mood because of what it does to your hormones, Dopamine and Noradrenaline.

Dopamine is your “feel good” hormone, and when it’s release people feel happier, more alert, more focused, and they often have more motivation. Generally, your body releases Dopamine after you exercise, but it also happens after you are exposed to the cold.

Noradrenaline is party of your body’s fight or flight response. If your levels are low, you may have depression and anxiety. But if your levels are high, your mood, memory, attention, and alertness are heightened.

What’s this all have to do with the Cold Plunge? A study shows that cold water immersion increases Dopamine levels by and increases Noradrenaline levels by 530%!

So, if you want to improve your daily mood, cold water immersion can help.

#2: It Reduces Muscle Soreness and Inflammation

Another study shows that plunging in cold water can reduce your inflammation. It also helps with muscle soreness that happens after exercise. This is the soreness that happens one to two days after a heavy exercise session.

If you plunge in cold water, that soreness is greatly reduced. What does this mean for you? It means you feel better and can keep on exercising!

#3: It Reduces Stress

Let’s face it – life is stressful and sometimes it can be hard to manage. You may be busy with work, kids, after school activities, volunteer work, and more. Money may be stressful, or you may have other issues that bring on intense stress.

The good news is there may be relief from cold plunging. When you soak in a cold tub, you automatically focus on your breathing. It helps you remain calm and turn the stress off. This can help you when you have to deal with the real stress of everyday life.

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#4: It Can Improve Your Immune System

Yet another study shows that when people take a cold shower they have less sick days at work. You can translate this into a similar effect with the Cold Plunge.

Daily cold water immersion may stimulate your leukocytes. These are your white blood cells that fight off sickness. As the cold detoxifies your body, it boosts your immune system.

In addition, the Cold Plunge also elevates your energy, supports recovery, boosts your mood, provides pain relief, and provides mental health.

#5: It Helps You Lose Weight

One study shows that cold water immersion can activate a particular type of body fat to help keep you warm. We have three types of fat that include white, brown, and beige. Your body stores white fat under your skin and around your organs. The beige fat lies between brown and white fat and helps you burn fat.

You find brown fat in babies, but adults still have some around their neck and shoulder area. While science is still in the learning stage, they think brown fact interacts with your gut hormones to tell you that you are full.

It turns out that being cold activates this brown fat. So, when you are cold, this layer of fat works harder and super efficiently. This can help you lose weight and control it. (Note: this is only if you don’t eat more to compensate.)

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#6: It Improves Athletic Recovery and Performance

Many think this is only important for elite athletes, but it’s just as important for anyone who exercises. When you improve recovery and performance, you are more likely to work out often.

The Cold Plunge provides positive effects for athletes in the area power, strength, recovery, and even aerobic endurance.

People who plunge in cold water are more likely to feel better after exercise and even perform better as they exercise.

Final Thoughts on Our Favorite Cold Plunge Health Benefits

The health and wellness benefits of the Cold Plunge and cold water immersion therapy are immense. We’ve mentioned some of our favorites here including quicker exercise recovery, a mood boost, a healthier cardiovascular system, better metabolism, and a stress reducer.

Over time, you may improve your heart health, sleep better, and control your stress. And who wouldn’t want to feel less sore after exercise.

Our Cold Plunge users swear by the experience. They say everything about it makes them feel better. Are you ready to give it a try?

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*Please consult your doctor before undertaking cold water immersion.