Tips for Planning and Designing Your Pool

Winter is one of the best times to start planning and designing your pool. In fact, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, pool builds are at an all time high.

Why? More people want a safe place to relax right at home and build a lifetime of backyard memories.

Because demand is so high, if you really want a pool, the time to start planning is now. Here are some tips to get you started.

#1: Know Why You Want It

Your pool builder wants to know why you want a pool, and what you’re going to use it for. For example, will you:

  • Use it for exercise and swimming laps?
  • Build it for your kids and their friends?
  • Use it as a place to entertain family and friends?
  • Want a small pool that’s mostly just attractive for the occasional swim?

This can help your pool builder make the best plan for your needs and your budget.

#2: Have Your Plot Plan Ready

When you come to us to build your pool, one of the first things we ask you if you have your plot/site plan. This is an integral first step, and we must have it before we can break ground on your property.

It also pays to be familiar with local zoning laws. In addition, are pools allowed where you live? It’s helpful to know these things as well.

#3: Where are You Going to Put the Pool?

It’s a good idea to know where you’ll place your swimming pool. Pool builders must know this before designing your pool. It informs the size and placement of your pool.

Take a look at your backyard. Is it flat? Or will there need to be some grading? Do you have a retaining wall, or will you need one?

You also can check out the setback requirements on your property. This is the distance your pool needs to be from the edges of your property.

#4: Consider the Shape

You have multiple options when it comes to the shape of your swimming pool.

Because we can build you a custom pool, you get to choose the shape. Do remember that the more intricate the shape, the more costly the pool.

You can choose from round, oval, kidney-shaped, square, or free from (think rectangular, geometric, or free form). Simply choose the style that fits the look of your property and meets your design aesthetic.

#5: Choose Your Amenities

You have an idea of the shape of pool you want. Now it’s time to decide what else you’d like with your pool. Consider the following:

  • Diving board
  • Tanning Ledge
  • Waterfalls or water features
  • Fire features
  • Underwater benches
  • Swim up bar
  • Hot tub
  • Beach style entry
  • Slide

#6: Make a Budget

It’s a good idea to know your budget before you go in to talk to your pool builder. They will ask you this during your first meeting. Pools can start around $40,000 and build on up from there.

Yes, building a custom pool is a big investment. But, it’s a great investment for your family and your property values. In addition, we offer several financing options for you to help you manage the investment.

Do be realistic about your budget and know that adding multiple amenities drives up the price. We can definitely build you the pool of your dreams!

Final Thoughts

The best tip we can give you when planning and designing your pool is start now. If it’s in your budget, and you want one this year, you want to be first on the list!

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We are here to help you – please contact us today and let us help you get started on a lifetime of fun, family, friends, and backyard memories!