How to Maintain Your Pool

Wondering how to maintain your pool? This summer more and more people are staying home and enjoying their swimming pools and their backyard retreats.

Yet, in 2021, we are also experiencing a nationwide chlorine shortage. This has many pool owners wondering how they can keep their pool clean, clear, and healthy during the shortage. In this article we tell you how to maintain your pool so it’s running as well as possible.

Reduce Chlorine Demand

You want to reduce your chlorine demand. In other words, here are the things you can do to use your chlorine more efficiently.

Don’t under dose your pool.

Check out this informative video on why this is not a good idea!

Apply a preventive algaecide.

This is a very easy way to help your chlorine do its job. When you use algaecide, you prevent algae growth and reduce the amount of chlorine you need to control it. Algaecide helps to carry some of the load, and it lets your chlorine do its job better.

Use algaecide as part of your regular weekly maintenance to help support the chlorine you already have in your water. These products can help you with this:

Use phosphate removal products.

Try the new BioGuard Pool Juice products. Algae loves to eat phosphates. What’s more, when you use phosphate removal products, you prevent algae growth and again reduce chlorine demand.

Maintain stabilizer levels.

Another way to reduce chlorine demand is to maintain your stabilizer levels (CYA- cyanuric acid )

This is sunscreen for your pool water. You’ll find that CYA stabilizes the chlorine so the sun’s UV rays don’t oxidize it off.

If your water is not stabilized, it will NOT hold onto chlorine.

Use liquid chlorine.

Another option is to use liquid chlorine called BioGuard Chlorinating Liquid. If you are substituting chlorinating liquid for tablets, then one gallon of liquid is equal to two tablets. This is an alternative to traditional tabs and sticks.

Use quick dissolving chlorine.

  • Try BioGuard Super Soluble. It’s a quick dissolving chlorine concentrate designed to eliminate bacteria without upsetting the balance of your pool water. You can use it as sanitizer in small above ground pools and inground vinyl liner pools.

Use BioGuard Optimzer.

This is one of our favorite chemicals. It’s a supplemental product you can use to get more out of your chlorine. In addition, it helps it last longer and work more efficiently.

Take care of your filters.

Use filter cleaners to keep your filter cleaners clean. When you clean your filters, you decrease chlorine use because  you remove build up and waste. It also helps your sanitizers work better because clean filters make water circulate more efficiently.

Final Thoughts on Your Pool

There are many methods you can choose to control and reduce your chlorine demand. Please feel free to contact us or stop by the store to learn more about how to maintain your pool and reduce chlorine demand.

We are always here to help at either the 21st or 93rd store!

Finally, we encourage you to test your water several days a week and bring us a water sample at least once a month. We’ll run it through our FREE water testing system, Alex. We’ll tell you just what your pool needs to stay clean, clear, and healthy.

Stay on top of your water care and balance your water regularly for a great swimming season!