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How to Have a Safe Pool Party During a Pandemic

Meet Our Favorite Product: BioGuard Optimizer

Adding BioGuard Optimizer® to your pool care routine provides softer-feeling water that also stays much clearer! One of our favorite products is BioGuard Optimizer. Why? We find that pools using Optimizer are much more trouble-free and have…
5 keys to pool care

The 5 Keys to Pool Care

The five essential keys to pool care and maintenance described here give a basic understanding of how your pool functions. For a carefree swimming season, learn about the five keys here, and be sure and visit us any time you need advice or expert…
pool juice

Opening Your Pool and Struggling with Pollen?

Mike is back in this video to chat about BioGuard Pool Juice 911. It's a great product when opening your pool. Plus, it's a great rescue product if you're struggling with pollen like most of us in Oklahoma!  
What Happens If You Don't Brush Your Pool

What Happens If You Don’t Brush Your Pool

Many pool owners who have a robotic pool cleaner think it will do all the work for them. While it is certainly true that your pool cleaner does most of the heavy lifting, there is one thing you don't want to skip out on. It's vital that you…
Protect Your Pool from the Sun

Protect Your Pool from the Sun

Did you know your pool needs "sunscreen" just like you do? In this article, we're going to look at how and why you need to protect your pool from the sun. You know that your pool needs chlorine to kill algae and bacteria to keep your swimming…