Why Use BioGuard Products

Wondering why BioGuard products are so great? This video tells you why these are the best products on the market and how buying your chemicals from us takes all the guesswork out of taking care of your pool! Read more

Pool Tool Organizer

Keeping your pool tools neat and tidy and off the ground is easy with this all new Pool Tool Organizer.

Made from weather-resistant polypropylene material, once assembled, the organizer holds up to 90 pounds of pool gear. Think rakes, skimmers, brushes, poles, vacuum heads and more. Load it up and know that all your gear is at the ready when you need it.

Assembles in minutes, the Pool Tool Organizer can be mounted directly to any hard surface. Or, assemble with the two brackets and hang over any fence up to 1.3″ wide. Ready, set, get organized!

  • Keeps pool tools neat and tidy and off the ground
  • Holds up to 90 lbs of gear
  • Mounts to fences or walls (hardware included)
  • Hangs over fences up to 1.3″ deep
  • Made of weather-resistant, durable polypropylene
  • Easy to assemble
  • 28” Wide x 28.5” High (assembled with brackets)

Pool Tool Organizer

Pool Closing Complete

Pool Closing Complete™ from BioGuard is just what you need for the final touch of your pool closing. Read more

You have a swimming pool. Perhaps you already have a safety cover, but it’s time for a new one. Or, maybe you don’t have one yet.

Either way, it can be confusing sorting through mesh and solid safety covers. Which one is the best choice for your pool and your lifestyle?

In this article, we look at how to pick out a safety cover. Read more

off the wall

Oil, dirt and waterline deposits on your spa surfaces can be downright scary, but Off The Wall® surface cleaner removes the spooky residue. That’s no trick – stop by and treat yourself to some today!

The Benefits of Off The Wall®

  • Penetrates and removes tough grime, scale and deposits from pool and spa surfaces
  • Non-abrasive, super-thick gel formula
  • Enhanced stain removal capabilities
  • Suitable for use on all pool and spa surfaces

Protect and Maintain Your Pool

From filter, tile and surface cleaners to pool cover cleaner and preservative – keep your pool environment new and inviting! Having a regular cleaning schedule will help to keep you on track and increase the lifetime of your pool and pool equipment.