Which is Better: Chlorine or Salt?

Cool water, splashing kids, a relaxing swim, parties, fun, great memories, night-time relaxation. These are all things you think  of when some mentions a swimming pool.

Then comes the inevitable question, “Is the pool chlorine or salt water?” Read more

Help! There’s Ice on My Cover

Help! There's Ice on My Cover

Winter’s brutal arrival in January and February usher in some challenges for the pool owner. While snow is fun for building snowmen, and ice means school is canceled, your pool cover can take a beating.

Ice on your pool cover is a real possibility during the coldest winter months of January and February. Because we want to help when you shout out, “Help! There’s ice on my cover,” we put together some tips for dealing with some common situations.

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Welcome to My House


Make the most out of your house before it’s too late! We totally agree with this ad from Northwestern Mutual, and we bet you can all identify with this father-daughter interaction! Read more

Should You Heat Your Pool?

Should You Heat Your Pool

In this article, we consider the question, “Should you heat your pool?”

The answer to the question is different for everyone, as pool owners across the country enjoy different climates and have different needs.

Yet, the answer to the question is really straightforward. Read more

Fall is the Best Time to Remodel Your Pool

Fall is the Best Time to Remodel Your Pool

Does your pool need a refresh? Are things looking a bit outdated or even dilapidated? Autumn is a great time for a swimming pool renovation.

Doing it now means you’ll be enjoying your swimming pool with the first rays of spring.

Let’s look at why fall is the best time to remodel your pool. Read more