It’s Not Paradise Until It’s Finished!

You should expect your backyard to be somewhat messy and “visually unpleasant” during the installation process. Completion times vary based on the type of pool and state and local inspection criteria. We’ll spell out the precise terms, time frames and responsibilities of each party in your contract.



After preparing an access way to your pool site your pool layout will be marked in your backyard. Make sure that any trees and areas that you want to protect are clearly marked. You and/or your builder will need to gather all of the necessary permits. Heavy equipment will be brought in to dig the hole.


We will set and secure the substructure of the pool to keep it in place. The bottom of the pool is then shaped and smoothed. At this point, it should begin to look like a pool! The plumbing system is positioned, including pipes connecting to the main drains and inlets. The builder will also frame the surrounding deck and walkway areas. Wiring is also installed at this time.



Depending on the type of pool you have chosen, it is now time to install the interior finish. Gunite pools are finished with pneumatically applied concrete. Vinyl pools will have a liner installed. Fiberglass pools will have a one-piece shell installed. Once this is complete, the pool will be filled with water and the builder will complete the deck, coping and walkway areas.



Accent pieces, hardware and water filtration systems are now ready for installation. Now is the perfect time to install the appropriate safety signage. Adding one or two dramatic accessories will set the mood. Don’t forget patio furniture and umbrellas. Consider well made pieces as the investment will be well worth the price. Grills and outdoor fire pits will make the look.


Landscape & Lighting

Set the mood with decorative lighting to enhance your pool’s features and don’t forget lighting for patios and walkways. Landscaping will complete the look. Once completed, the paradise of your dreams will be a backyard reality – step right in!

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