5 Perfect Times to Use Your Hot Tub

5 Perfect Times to Use Your Hot Tub

Do you own a hot tub, or are you thinking about buying one? This helpful article covers the five perfect times to use your hot tub.

First, we want to say that using your hot tub as often as you can is the best idea. A 15-20 minute soak every day has so many health benefits, such as better sleep, relaxation, relief for sore muscles and joints, time spent outside, relief from arthritis, and so much more.

If using your spa isn’t something you think you can do every day, we do have some suggestions for the perfect times to use your hot tub.

#1: Soak First Thing in the Morning

There really is no better way to start your day than outside in nature, soaking in your hot tub with your coffee in hand. This is why we believe soaking in your spa when you wake in the morning is a great idea.

Relaxing and enjoying the massaging jets is a great way to greet the day. If you are like many people who wake up stiff and sore, a hot tub can relieve those aches and leave you ready to start your day.

In addition, when you soak in the warm water, your blood flow increases. As this happens, your oxygen begins to flow through your body and awaken your senses. Your muscles spring into action, and your morning soak leaves you ready for anything the day throws at you.

Soak and Sweat

Stretch and use your hot tub before or after your workout to feel great every day.

#2: Soak Before Your Workout

If you usually stretch before working out, try a hot tub soak for 10-20 minutes. You get your blood flowing and loosen your muscles.

When you sit in the hot water with the water from the jets massaging you, your muscles loosen up, and you feel more energized.

Plus, the hot water leaves your body feeling loose, limber, and more flexible. You can even add stretches to your pre-workout soak to ensure you are fully ready for your workout.

#3: Soak After Your Workout

If you’d rather soak after your workout, that is great, too!

Once you are done with your exercise routine, let your muscles and your heart rate cool down. Try a gentle walk or stretches.

Then, it’s time to hop into your hot tub. This helps your muscles heal and speeds up your recovery process after your workout. Your mind and body relax, and you feel great.

#4: Relax After a Long Day at Work

Are your workdays long and stressful? Do you need to relax, de-stress, and unwind?

A hot tub is a great place to get rid of the stresses of your day. You can unplug mentally and physically while you let the powerful massaging jets of your Hot Springs Spas give you peace of mind.

A healthy work-life balance is integral in today’s world. And your hot tub can certainly help you achieve it. You can also spend time after work soaking with your partner or your kids. Unplugged, you can enjoy each other’s company while everyone relaxes.

Grab a glass of wine, a book, your favorite playlist, or just enjoy the outdoors. Either way, you’ll relish this special time in your spa.

#5: Soak Before Bedtime

Do you have a hard time going to sleep and then staying asleep? Use your hot tub! One of the best fixes for this is a 15-20 minute soak in your hot tub.

You want to do this about an hour and a half before bedtime. Studies have shown this can improve your sleep. The warm water and hydrotherapy help relax your muscles, release tension, and prepare your body for sleep.

Once you leave your hot tub and your body cools down, you will find you are ready for bedtime and a great night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts on the Perfect Time to Soak

The bottom line is that while these five times are perfect for a soak, any time of day or night will work. The goal is actually to do it, and your mind and body will reap the rewards.

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