Your Dream Pool on a Dime

Your Dream Pool on a Dime

Summer is the time for making memories and spending care-free days outside with friends and family.

It’s the time for swimsuits, water wings, sunscreen, towels, extra clothes and pool snacks! But, we bet you don’t want to haul all of those things to the local pool, lake or beach every day?

If you’re looking for a way to build bonds, spend time with family and beat the heat without all the hassle, a backyard swimming pool is your answer.

How about your own backyard paradise? In this article, we look at your dream pool on a dime.

A swimming pool doesn’t have to be out of reach. Owning a pool comes with a wide range of price tags. Along with our friends at, we’ve got a list of ways you can help reduce the initial cost of adding a pool to your dream backyard.

Scale Down

A bigger pool isn’t always  better pool. The best pool is the one that fits your yard and your needs.

You can scaled down the size of your pool without sacrificing your needs. You can still relax, have pool parties, play with your children and more in a smaller pool.

By downsizing your pool, you will spend less on materials, construction and maintenance.

Add Features Later

Each extra feature you add costs you more money. It’s like the home remodel where you keep piling on the features.

To reduce your initial cost outlay, you can wait on features like slides, fountains and waterfalls. Talk to us about a plan for adding these later.

Additionally, you can wait on the pool heater and add it later. This saves you on the initial costs, and you can save to add it later.

A pool heater isn’t a necessity, but it can extend your pool season, so take your time and gauge your pool usage. Then you can decide if it’s worth adding later.

Minimize Landscaping

Your first instinct is to want to make your landscaping perfect from the beginning.

While landscaping and beautifying your patio complete the backyard paradise, you can wait on this if you want to save money.

Start small with a small pool decking area and add to it over time. Consider waiting on your lighting, pavers, and outdoor room elements such as fireplaces additional patio furniture.

Think About an Above Ground Pool

Another way to get a pool in your backyard while minimizing your costs is to install an above ground pool.

An above ground pool has numerous benefits and can meet your needs for family fun and relaxation. What’s more – you’ll many sizes available when it comes to above ground pools. And, as an added bonus, you can have one installed a ready to use in just a few days!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing between an inground pool, features and an above ground pool, your first step is proper planning. Meet with us to discuss your dreams and your needs. We’ll help steer you in the right direction when you’re ready to start planning your budget-friendly swimming pool.

We also have several financing options available to you. Check them out and see if one works for you and your budget!

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