5 New Pool Games to Beat Boredom

Five New Pool Games to Beat Boredom

Are you ready for some exciting new pool games? Your kids will appreciate that there’s more fun to be had in the pool. After all, how many games of Colors or Sharks and Minnows can they play?

Check out these five new pool games to beat boredom!

Game #1: Whack-a-Wet-Mole

Supplies needed: A pool noodle and inflatables or pool noodles for all the players.

  • One player holds a pool noodle.
  • The other players stand a few feet in front of the person in the shallow end.
  • These players hold their own noodle or inflatable and repeatedly bob up and down, in and out of the water.
  • The player on the deck tries to gently “whack” them on the head.
  • The last player to get “whacked” becomes the mole hunter in the next round.

Game #2: F.I.S.H.

Supplies needed: One adult who is the judge.

You’ll find that this game is like everyone’s favorite basketball game, H.O.R.S.E, but this one is played in the pool.

  • Line everyone up on the pool deck.
  • One person jumps into the pool with a creative jump. The crazier or more creative, the better.
  • Each person takes turns jumping in the same way.
  • The judge decides who came closest to the original jump.
  • If someone gets the move wrong, they get an “F.”
  • Play continues as each player has a turn to come up with a new jump.
  • The first person to spell out F.I.S.H with four bad jumps loses.

Game #3: Wet Rover

Supplies needed: At least six people.

This is a “wet” take on the classic yard game, Red Rover.

  • Two teams line up facing each other in the pool.
  • Players hold hands with their teammates.
  • One team says: “Wet Rover, Wet Rover, send (pick a person from the other team) right over!”
  • The person picked goes to the wall of the pool behind them.
  • This person uses the wall to push off and get some momentum as he tries to swim through two players on the other team (remember, hands are locked.)
  • If the player can’t break through the other team’s hands, the player joins the opposing team.
  • If the player breaks the line, he/she chooses someone from the other team to come over to their side.
  • The game continues until there is only one person left.

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Game #4: Fish and Fisherman

Supplies needed: Five to six people.

  • Make one person the fisherman.
  • Everyone else is a fish.
  • The fisherman stands on one side of the pool
  • The fish line up on the other.
  • The Fisherman tells the fish how they should get from one side of the pool to the other. For example, the player might tell them all to swim underwater or bob up and down.
  • The fisherman then yells, “Go.”
  • As the fish move across the pool, the fisherman tries to tag as many players as possible.
  • If he/she catches a fish, this person is now the fisherman’s helper, tagging other fish.
  • The last fish swimming is the winner.

Game #5: Tug-O-Noodle

Supplies needed: At least four people and a pool noodle.

  • This is Tug-of-War without the rope burn!
  • Using a pool noodle as a substitute for the rope.
  • Have an equal number of players line up on each side of it.
  • Once everyone has a firm grip on the noodle, yell, “Go!”
  • Since they’re in the water, it’s hard for them to stay standing. This one is just good fun!

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