Inground Pool Trends for 2016

Inground Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2016

Wondering about swimming pool trends for this year? Are you thinking about building a pool? Or, are you contemplating renovating your current backyard pool?

Whether you’re building new or thinking about remodeling, check out these inground pool trends for 2016.

Glass Tile

Nearly all pools have a six-inch wide band of tile along the pool’s waterline. Why? On concrete pools, this helps prevent staining. In addition, the tile is usually added for the visual qualities.

This year, you can expect glass tile to show up in pool designs. Made of colored translucent glass, these small squares or rectangles are available in many colors.

When you use glass tile, you add beauty and allure to your swimming pool. You’ll find glass tiles in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. They can be used to accent most any style of pool and look great on traditional, natural and modern designs.

Here are some ways we love to use glass tile:

  • Use glass tile on the waterline so it captures sunlight and mirrors the water’s movement.
  • When used on pool steps and edges, glass tiles are a beautiful and a useful accent as they help swimmers manage the steps.
  • Water walls and water features have added impact when made with glass tiles. The glittery effect from the sun and water is amazing. Plus, the tile creates a shimmering look as the water cascades off water walls.

Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges are part of your pool, but they have less than 12 inches of water. They’re a great place to relax in your lounge chair while staying cool in very shallow water.

Tanning ledges also make it more comfortable for children and pets who want to be in the water, but are too frightened to be in deep water.

These sunny ledges are also the perfect way to build a more modern-looking pool.

Infinity Edge

An always popular feature, the infinity edge is here to stay. Modern and sleek, it instantly transforms your pool and backyard into a spa-like retreat.

The infinity edge is not only a water feature, but it makes the edge of your pool touch the sky seamlessly.

A version of the infinity edge is the knife edge. With this design, there’s a small slit at the end of the pool where the water disappears for a unique effect.

Water Features

Water features come in a myriad of options. You’ll find that the sound of falling, flowing water helps create a relaxed atmosphere and enhances your dream pool. Wall accents, as mentioned earlier using glass tiles and the pleasing sounds of rain walls make an enchanted oasis of your backyard.

Final Thoughts

The swimming pool design trends for 2016 are exciting. You’ll find swimming pool designs embracing an emphasis on family time and healthy life choices. Your new pool design or remodel is only limited by the imagination!

If you’re ready to explore your options, please contact our pool designer to learn more about the process!

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