The Best Way to Close Your Pool for Winter

Swimming Pool

When you take the right steps to close your swimming pool for the winter, you find you’ll have fewer hidden, costly issues when you open next spring. Let’s look at the best way to close your pool for winter so you don’t have spring issues.

Winterize Your Pool

The most important thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible is to winterize your pool. You’ll reap the benefits to closing your pool correctly including the following:

  • Protecting your pool surfaces and equipment
  • Protecting your outdoor investments
  • Keeping water looking its best all winter long
  • Protecting equipment from freeze damage
  • Saving time and money on extra maintenance when you open your pool

Whether you completely cover your pool or just reduce maintenance, our quality BioGuard® products can make winterizing painless. Check out this video for winterizing steps.

The All-Important Water Test

Before you close your pool,  you want to bring us a sample to run it through our ALEX computerized water analysis system. You get accurate results in an instant. Then, we’ll give you personalized step-by-step instructions for start-up, closing and maintenance. It’s that easy!

This test is fast and much more accurate than a simple dip of a test strip at poolside. That’s because we test for several parameters beyond the basics to understand how they may influence each other in order to avoid trial and error.

Being right the first time saves you time and money.

On top of that, our water care experts are trained and certified to help you decipher the results. Our ALEX recommendations are sound based upon the way you care for your pool and the accumulated knowledge of all your previous water tests.

Our goal is for you to be satisfied with the performance results and gain confidence in the products and advice you receive.

Check out this video for more information.

To Conclude

You can close your pool on your own, and we are here to help with water testing and the best swimming pool chemicals in Tulsa. Stop by or give us a call any time!

If you choose not to close your pool on your own, contact us today. Our pool experts can close your pool for you so it’s ready in the spring!