Sorting Through Your Water Color Choices

Sorting Through Your Water Color Choices

What’s your favorite color, and what does it say about you? What about your water color choices?

Color is important to people for many reasons. They choose clothing colors, furniture color, hair color, and more. But did you know you can also choose pool water color?

In this article, we talk about sorting through your water color choices.

Pool Water Colors

You have a wide range of pool water color options to choose from. They range from light blue to nearly black. How does this work? It all depends on the finish of your pool.

When building your custom gunite pool, you have so many options. One of these options is water color and shade. First, you’ll find there are two primary water colors, and those are blue and green.

The shade of these colors is determined by the finish of your pool and the depth of the water. In addition, sunny and cloudy days can also affect water color as can areas of your pool that are heavily shaded. At night, your pool lights can also affect the color.

When choosing pool colors, you want to take these factors into consideration. We are also happy to help you work out your backyard color scheme.

Color Choice Affects Your Backyard

Think of your backyard as an extension of your home. It really is another “room” on your property, and you want the color to reflect your personal brand. In fact, the color of your pool helps determine the overall appearance and ambiance of your backyard.

The color informs visitors a little about your personality. The color also affects your daily swim.

Now let’s look at a few color choices to help you with your decision.

Blue Pool Water

Yes, blue is the traditional color of swimming pool water. And yes, blue makes people happy, and many pool owners want the true blue pool look. That’s why it’s the most popular choice.

Don’t forget that blue also tends to represent confidence and loyalty. It also symbolizes strength, wisdom, and freedom.

For most pool owners, blue is the color that appeals most in their swimming pool.

Light Blue Pool Water

To get a lighter blue water color, you want to select a white or light finish for your pool.

If you’re looking for a crisp, fresh look, that leans modern, this is the color for you.

Light blue pool water is softer than bright blue and reflects a more meditative outdoor space.

Turquoise Pool Water

If you’re drawn to this strong, energetic jewel tone, you might like pool water with a more turquoise tint.

Many of our pool owners like to carry the turquoise in their homes right on out into the backyard.

Nearly Black Pool Water

To have really dark, almost black pool water, you need a black pool finish.

This screams modern, a little bit of mystery and power. It can also be quite elegant. For our pool owners who choose this color, they really have a strong focal point in their backyards.

Green Pool Water

Green is a happy, nurturing color. It also fits in well for those of you with a green thumb. A green pool fits right into the natural landscape and even becomes an extension of it.

A pool with a green interior screams lush, natural, fresh, and comforting.

Gray Pool Water

If you want a more conservative looking pool that is also sophisticated, opt for a more gray finish in your pool.

Gray pools also lend themselves to a more spa like atmosphere, so they work well with jets, fountains, and even attached hot tubs.

Final Thoughts on Water Color Choices

Sorting through your water color choices is an important part of the overall design process of your new swimming pool.

You aren’t alone, though. We are here to design your swimming pool based on your design choices, your needs and your budget. If you’re interested in learning more, start with our “Find Your Perfect Pool Quiz!” We’ll contact you afterward to get started on your new swimming pool!


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