What If Paradise was Just a Few Steps Away?

Vacations are great, but they are expensive and fleeting. What’s more, you often return home needing a vacation from your vacation. There is a solution.

Taking a trip every year to France, Italy or Greece sounds wonderful, but if you have a family, it can get quite expensive. We have the answer!
You can bring the countries home with you in your own backyard retreat. You’ll make memories for years and enjoy a sound financial investment.

So, what if paradise was just a few steps away?

With a backyard swimming pool, your dream vacation spot is yours all summer long (and in Oklahoma, in the spring and fall, too). Whether you ad an above ground pool or an inground pool, your family will enjoy your pool for years to come, making it a great financial investment.

Let’s look at how:

Make It Memorable

If you already have a swimming pool, you can start decorating now. If not, file these tips away for when you do!

For those of you who have already visited some memorable places, you bring the ambiance into your own backyard. Think of all the things that made you fall in love with your vacation spot and recreate it at home. Or, if you haven’t been there, you can do a little research to make your backyard pool area feel just like it.

Think flowers, decor, a special drink or meal. Add some lighting and special music. For example, if you love Paris, play some Parisienne music while you lounge in your pool. Add some lavender plants around the pool and a nice cafe-style patio set.

If you’d like your backyard pool to look like a Greek Island, use white accents and Greek-style pottery. Perhaps you’d like your backyard retreat to feel like Tuscany. Choose warm, earthy colors, an herb garden in containers, a pergola and colorful fabrics.

You can add water features to your pool as well. Don’t forget that when designing your pool, you can create the affect through it’s size, shape and placement.

Consider transforming your pool area into a tropical paradise, French village or colorful fiesta. Research the countries and bring the color scheme right into your backyard with patio furniture, fabric and pillows, plants and other decor.

Final Thoughts

The perfect backyard stay cation can be yours! If you already have a pool, you can start decorating today. If you don’t have a backyard pool yet, we are ready and waiting to help you design the backyard of your dreams.

Ready to join us poolside? Contact us today!