Top 6 Reasons Dad Wants a Swimming Pool

Reasons Dad Wants a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can change your home, your health and your overall happiness.

You can be sure your kids want a pool. But, did you know dad really wants a pool?

In this article, we look at the top six reasons dad wants a swimming pool. Perhaps they’re the same reasons you want one, too…

#1: Entertainment

Not only does a swimming pool provide hours of entertainment, it provides cheap entertainment.

Once you’ve made your initial pool investment, the maintenance costs aren’t going to break the budget.

You can skip the expensive video games, crowded water parks and expensive concessions stands, and amusement parks because dad and his family have an entertainment source right in the backyard.

The kids will love hanging out in the pool. You may even find they leave their cellphone and tablets inside because they enjoy the entertainment-free zone, too.

#2: Quality Family Time

Dad really craves family time. He knows that if he family spends time together, playing and building memories, they’ll be closer.

He’d probably rather spend a weekend in the pool with his kids than watching everyone surf the internet on their mobile phones.

Just imagine the games they can play. Dad does. Think pool races, rough-housing, water basketball, water volleyball, Marco Polo and numerous others.

#3: Solitude

Yes, dad loves his family. But, after a busy dad at work, dad might like to grab a pool raft, a good book and a cold drink. He can float and soak for an hour, relax and recharge before heading inside for dad-duty.

#4: The Teens Stay at Home

You probably know that when it comes to teenagers, they tend to flock to several places. This is often the house with a pool.

So, whether it’s teens or pre-teens, if you have a pool, it’s highly likely your child and his or her friends will spend a lot of time hanging out at your house.

This makes dad feel good because not only does he know his children’s friends, but he knows they’re safe right in his own backyard.

#5: Ready-Made Exercise

Dad likes to workout, but he doesn’t always want to go to the gym.

A swimming pool in the backyard is an easy go-to place for exercise. Dad knows that exercising in the pool reduces his stress and muscle and joint pain, while giving him a great workout and improved cardio health.

After all, who wouldn’t want their own personal gym in the backyard?

#6: Sleep Kids

Bedtime can be a chore, but it’s much less of a chore if the kids are super tired.

Dad knows that with a pool in the backyard, the kids will be very tired after a sunny day of swimming. Bedtime fights are less, and everyone goes to bed easier.

As an added bonus, sleepy, tired kids mean dad can hang out with mom during the evening.

Final Thoughts

Family time, stress relief, relaxation, electronic free, ambiance. Dad can have it all in his backyard pool.

If you’re ready to take the first step, schedule a consultation with our expert staff to learn more about your dream backyard swimming pool options! We are here to help make dad (and the whole family) happy!