When is the Right Time to Winterize Your Pool?

When is the Right Time to Winterize Your Pool

Wondering about the right time to winterize your pool?

Are you tired of cleaning the swimming pool? Is anyone swimming it? Do you just want to close the pool and be done with it?

Well, there are good times to close the pool and bad times, and September just isn’t one of the times to close the pool. Plus, you can continue to swim and enjoy the ambiance of your open pool.

So, when is the right time to winterize your pool? Let’s look at it.

The Best Time to Close Your Pool

Our rule of thumb is to wait until the temperature is consistently around 65 degrees. This is the best time to winterize and close your pool.

In our climate, the best practice is to cover your pool and winterize the piping and equipment before freezing temperatures occur. When the 65 degrees happens, though, depends on the weather.

We recommend leaving your pool open as long as possible for maximum enjoyment. However, don’t wait until freezing weather is in the forecast as freeze damage repairs can be costly. Again, wait until water temperatures are consistently 65° or below. Pool sanitizers will stay in the water longer, keeping the pool algae-free. In doubt? We can help.

You Can Soft Close the Pool

If this isn’t the answer you were looking for, you’re tired of cleaning the pool, no one is swimming, the weather is warm,  and the pool water temperature is still warm, you can “soft close” your pool. Here’s how:

  • Bring a sample of your pool water into Fiesta Pools & Spas.
  • We’ll test the water with our computerized Alex system.
  • Then, you get a printout of what you need to add. You most likely need to balance your water and add shock.
  • Next morning or in the late afternoon, put your pool cover on.
  • Leave the pump running.
  • Keep your chlorine sticks or tabs going in to maintain chlorine 1.0-3.0ppm.
  • Once the water temp is 65 degrees, you can winterize your pool. In Oklahoma, we’re probably looking at late October, early November.

Check Your Pool Cover

Have you looked at your pool cover lately? If it’s too thin, or it has holes in it, it’s time to order a new one.

Stop by or give us a call, and we can help you order a new one so it’s ready when you’re ready to close your pool.

Need to Clean Your Pool?

If you’re soft-closing your pool, or if it’s late fall, and your pool cover is filthy, you can find the best products to clean it at Fiesta.

Take advantage of our beautiful weather and clean your cover with BioGuard’s Off the Wall and Stow Away.

How About Your Filters?

It’s also a great time to clean your pool filters. Stop by and pick up some BioGuard Strip Kwik or Kleen It, and your filters will soon be in tip-top shape!

Ever have any questions? Please stop by or give us a call. Our expert staff can help you with all your pool care needs.

We proudly carry BioGuard pool products!