Swimming is Great for Weight Loss

Do you know anyone who swims on a regular basis? If so, you might notice they are super fit. They tend to eat what they want, yet they don’t pack on the pounds.

Why is this? It’s the easy on your body sport of swimming. In this article, we discuss how swimming is great for weight loss and why. Read more

New Year's Resolution Swim More

One of the greatest exercises recommended by doctors and physical therapists alike is swimming. Why? One our favorite New Year’s Resolutions? Swim more!

It’s great for anyone, no matter your age or your skill level. Swimming is cardiovascular, and it improves strength. Plus, it’s often recommended when weight bearing activities aren’t involved. Read more


You’re invited to an exclusive pool party! In this video, we meet real Endless Pools customers as they discuss their experiences with the iconic swim-in-place pool, all in their own words. Read more

Step Into Swim

Our staff at Fiesta Pools and Spas was excited this week to provide a donation to the Westside YMCA through the Step Into Swim program.

It is an honor to jointly support the YMCA, organization who is helping more people live healthier lives through aquatics. Read more

8 Tips to Fight Boredom While Lap Swimming

How do you fight boredom while lap swimming? Here are 10 tips to keep you in the pool swimming and exercising Read more