8 Tips to Fight Boredom While Lap Swimming

How do you fight boredom while lap swimming? Here are 10 tips to keep you in the pool swimming and exercising

You enjoy swimming as your daily form of exercise. Perhaps you swim laps in your home pool or at a different facility.

Wherever you choose to swim laps, it can get monotonous. How do you fight the boredom and the daily grind? Here’s how.

#1: Swim Intervals

When you swim in intervals, you break of the sameness of swimming lap after lap after lap. Here’s an example of an interval workout from Gale Berhnardt.

Complete a mixed warm-up totaling 500 to 1,000 yards/meters.  Then, repeat the following set two to three times:

  • 2 x 25 Build speed throughout the 25
  • 2 x 25 Swim half the distance as fast as you can, it doesn’t matter if it is first half or last half. Swim the other half easy.
  • 1 x 25 All-out fast
  • 1 x 50 Very relaxed and easy

Swimming this interval not only breaks up the boredom, but it makes you faster.

#2: Listen to Music

If you have a MP3 player or an iPod Shuffle, you can take it in the water with you if you have the proper earbuds and case for it. Just do an Internet search for waterproof options.

Music can help you drown out the monotony while giving you a beat to swim to.

#3: Count Your Strokes

You can count your strokes to keep your mind busy while swimming. Plus, by counting strokes, you can try to use fewer each time you cross the pool.

The goal? Travel further with each stroke. This works your arms harder, makes you a more efficient swimmer and burns more calories.

#4: Work on Technique

A long lap swim is the perfect time to work on your technique. What can you focus on?

  • A steady kick
  • Using fewer strokes in each lap
  • Reaching your maximum lpa
  • Lengthening your stroke

#5: Practice Breathing

Let’s say you’re used to breathing left for every stroke. Now try breathing every other stroke. Or, try breathing on the right side.

You can even try switching left, right, left, right for a lap.

When you can breathe on both sides, you keep your stroke better balanced.

#6: Mix It Up

So, you swim freestyle laps every day, five days a week. Wow, that already sounds boring.

Mix it up. Fight boredom by throwing some laps of butterfly, backstroke or breaststroke. If you don’t know the strokes, make an effort to learn them.

If you only want to learn one other stroke than freestyle, try the backstroke as a nice complement.

#7: Use a Lap Counter

Pick up an inexpensive lap counter to keep tracks of the laps you’re swimming. Or, keep track of it mentally. This takes up space in your brain and leaves little room for boredom.

#8: Daydream the Laps Away

Most of us lead busy, stressful days. Use your time in the pool to de-stress and relieve your mind of worry.

Let your mind wander. Appreciate the time to daydream.

Final Thoughts

According to Active, “swimming provides unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning.” It’s not only good for your heart, but it’s good for cross-training, core strength, weight loss and even as a social outlet.

And, Postive HealthWellness tells us that swimming is the absolute best workout of all. We agree!

Consider making a positive change and jump in a pool today!

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Photo credit: NATO E3A Component via Visual Hunt / CC BY