How to Find the Right Spot For Your Spa

Location, location, location. You’ve certainly heard that before, but did you know it also applies to your new hot tub?

In this article, you’ll find five tips for the best hot tub placement. We’re going to tell you just how to find the right spot for your spa.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a new hot tub for years of relaxation, stress relief, family time and sore muscle help, it’s a good idea to make a plan for where to put your new spa. Where you put it can really make a difference in how much you’ll enjoy it.

Think about these factors when deciding where to put your new outdoor hot tub:

  • Your landscaping. Do you want it near trees or away from them? If your trees lose a lot of leaves, you might want to place your spa away from the trees. If they don’t lose leaves, trees can provide a nice backdrop and cozy feel.
  • Is there access to changing rooms?
  • How is the privacy?
  • Is there a nice view from your potential spot?

Keep It Close

It’s a good idea to place your hot tub close to your back door. This makes it easier to hop in for a warm soak on a cold winter’s night. You’ll be more apt to use your hot tub if it’s closer to your house and easier to use.

You also want to think about how convenient the bathroom is to your changing and drying off.

Another thing to consider is how close the hose is for when you need to refill your spa.

Keep It Secluded

Is your hot tub going to be a place for family fun, or is it for adult relaxation? If this is the case, you might look for a secluded spot in your back yard. Otherwise, if you’ll use it with family and friends, set it near your gathering spot.

Enhance Your Hot Tub

Part of the relaxation from your hot tub comes from the environment around it. Consider the area around your tub as your private spa room.

Do you have electricity from your house? Add some outdoor lighting and music.

Plan your landscaping around your hot tub. Add some shrubs, flowers, planters, hanging basket, arbors (string them with lights), waterfalls and fountains. These things enhance your spa and make your soaking experience ultra-enjoyable.

Use a Firm Foundation

You want your spa to last, so put it on a firm foundation. Your choices:

  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Cement Pad
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Brick

If you are planning a backyard redesign, pick your spa first so you can integrate it with your new deck or patio. You can mount your tub flush with your deck or partly exposed.

Final Thoughts

Privacy is paramount when soaking in your hot tub. You want to create your own oasis in your backyard. Plan your placement well, and pick the spot that makes you happiest for years of enjoyment in your backyard hot tub.

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