Exploring the Cocktail Pool

Just what is a cocktail pool, and why would you want it? A trend started in the south, it’s an option that just might work for your space.  In this article, we’re exploring the cocktail poo.

The Cocktail Pool

At its very basic, the cocktail pool is a small, compact pool.  You might have heard them referred to as spools because they may share a pool and spa function.

What a cocktail pool looks like is a small pool, but as the trend continues to evolve, we find it can be much more than a small pool.  Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it can be an added aesthetic feature in your yard as well as a place to cool off and relax.

This plunge-type pool is all the rage in the south United States where it is too hot to sit outside and enjoy a cocktail unless you’re sitting in water – hence the name.

While these small pools aren’t for swimming, they are for making hot summers more enjoyable for homeowners. They also fit a unique niche for the many homeowners who are downsizing but want to keep a great outdoor space.

The Size and Design

You’ll find a myriad of sizes and even more design types when it comes to this tiny  pool.  You can customize these pools to your heart’s desire.

For example, you can have an infinity edge, seats on the inside, fountains, lighting,  spa features, and more.

Most often, cocktail pools are designed at a maximum of 400-500 square feet. Most of them are smaller than this. The average dimensions are about 12’x14′. They’re also usually around four-five feet deep.

Cocktail pools are meant to hold anywhere from one person to 10 at max. Remember this pool isn’t for lap swimming, so their size reflects that.

The Cost of the Cocktail Pool

While in many cases you will pay less for a cocktail pool than a full size inground pool, it actually comes down to the amenities you choose.

Your final  cost depends on what you add to your project. Your best bet is to contact us. We can help bring your dream to reality while layout out all of your choices and their costs.

endless pools

The Other Option: Endless Pools

Another option to the inground cocktail pool is the Endless Pool.

This pool gives you the cocktail pool look with more of the functionality of a full size swimming pool. You’ll find spa-like features on some models as well as an adjustable swim current and other fitness tools.

Final Thoughts

Aqua Magazine says this trendy pool is a, “blending of ingredients that captivate all the senses: eye-pleasing environments, rich water sounds, warm toasty fires, fragrant blooming flowers and the alluring scent of steaks on the BBQ.”

For many people the cocktail pool suits the size of their yard and their needs perfectly. Bigger isn’t always better, and the trendy cocktail pool can help you make a big impact in a smaller space. And, let’s face it, adding a cool pool to your backyard certainly helps you beat the Oklahoma heat!

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