Five Things to Do to Your Hot Tub

It’s October, and we can feel fall. The chilly mornings give way to warm days that give way to brisk evenings. This is the perfect hot tub soaking weather.

Let’s look at five things to do to your hot tub right now so you can enjoy early morning soaks as well as early evening soaks by moonlight. It’s a good idea to take care of these things before we get much deeper into fall because you don’t want to be doing this once it gets really cold.

#1: Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

This is the ideal time to drain your hot tub, clean it, and refill it with fresh water.

You can deep clean all the parts of your hot tub so it’s super sanitized.

#2: Clean Your Filters

We recommend you clean your filters thoroughly, or if they’re too old, we suggest replacing them as soon as possible.

Clean filters mean a clean hot tub that is running at the correct temperature. If your filters are dirty or old, they can restrict flow to your filtration and heating system so your hot tub isn’t nearly as hot as you’d like.

Rule of thumb says replace your filters at least every two years.

#3: Clean Your Cover

Since you’re draining and refilling your hot tub, you might as well clean and condition your cover. If you have questions or need some of the best products for cleaning your cover, stop by, and we can help.

If your cover is more than four years old, or it’s cracking and waterlogged, it’s time to replace it. It’s the best way to not only keep your hot tub clean, but it keeps your water warm and ready.

#4: Check Your Ozone System

If you have one, fall is a good time to clean it. Or, if it’s older than three years, you want to test it to make sure it’s still working correctly. If not, you guessed it, it’s time to replace it.

#5: Add an Accessory

Take a look at your backyard and the area where your hot tub lives. Could you add some ambiance? Consider the following:

  • Add a string of lights above and around your hot tub. Hang them from the trees or your deck.
  • Like music? Consider adding a Bluetooth System to your hot tub.
  • Is it hard getting in your spa? Add some spa steps to make it easy and safe to get in.
  • Do you have a spa umbrella? This makes enjoying your hot tub on a raining night enjoyable.

If you have any questions about hot tub care, we are here for you. You’ll also find an exceptional service staff to help you with your spa maintenance and spa care.