Brined, Injected or Roasted?

Brined, Injected or Roasted

Wondering about your best options for cooking your holiday turkey? With the Big Green Egg, you have many options. Whether it’s brined, injected or roasted, check out these videos and learn how to cook a turkey your guests will still be talking about next year!

The Perfect Roasted Turkey

Smoked, Brined Turkey

Delicious Injected Turkey

Final Thoughts

When cooking a turkey, you cook a whole one or just a breast or two. You can brine it, inject it and then roast it. Your options are many! Just be sure to have your Big Green Egg and charcoal at the ready, and you’re well on your way to a great turkey!

As an added bonus, when you cook your turkey outside, you have plenty of oven space inside!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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