We are so excited to bring you a smarter WiFi pellet grill and smoker. Introducing Louisiana Pellet Grills to our family at Fiesta Pools and Spas!

This fully-enhanced wood-pellet series incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity with PID intelligence, adjustable rear exhaust, and external SEAR TECH control. This all gives you a cooking experience worthy of the modern outdoor chef.

The intuitive digital control board provides you with complete control of temperatures ranging from 180°F TO 600°F in 5°F increments. You can monitor your cooking progress and set alerts with two programmable meat probes. The intelligent system even adapts to external temperatures and weather conditions.

Think no dramatic temperature fluctuations!

We love the adaptable WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity – adjust your cooking temps from anywhere and at anytime!

Highlights of Louisiana Pellet Grills

Five year warranty: Louisiana Grills® proudly offers a best in class 5-year warranty on all of our grills.

Real Wood Flavor: The  100% natural hardwood pellets provide great smoke flavor. No artificial scents or sprays.

Hopper Cleanout System: The hopper cleanout system allows you to easily exchange out pellet flavors.

Folding Front Shelf: Sturdy folding front shelf gives you the option of adjusting your food in front of the grill.

Built in Smoke Rack: Place meat hooks on the smoke rack to smoke sausage and ribs while they hang vertically.

Cooking Grates: The porcelain coated cast iron grates allow for more even cooking at high temperatures.

black label

Meet the New Black Label Series