Taking Care of Your Holiday Guests

Taking Care of Your Holiday Guests

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve put together some tips for making the hot tub comfortable for your holiday guests. Here’s how to share your hot tub and make the spa a place for good friends, family, and great conversation!

Pamper Your Guests

Think of the needs of your holiday guests and pamper them by setting out stacks of large fluffy towels near the hot tub.

Let them know they are welcome to soak at any time.

Consider Their Needs

Grab some outdoor slippers for your guests because they probably won’t think to bring them.

This keeps their toes warm and makes the soak more enjoyable because it keeps grass and dirt out of your hot tub.

Keep Them Fed

Set out hot tub-safe snacks that float if they fall in! Avoid snacks that disintegrate in the water. Keep a pitcher of cold, refreshing drinks nearby, or if you’d prefer, some hot chocolate.

Think about your guests’ needs and ensure they feel comfortable reaching for food and drink when hungry and thirsty.

Add Spa Scents

Stop by Fiesta Pools & Spas and pick up some spa scents. You’ll create a luxurious, relaxing spa experience for your guests while creating ambiance. As an added bonus, the spa scents not only smell good but also feel great.

Help Them Sleep Better

It’s hard to sleep away from home. Let your holiday guests soak in your hot tub before bed so they’ll have a good night’s sleep. Tell them how the increase in body temperature right before bed will help them relax and slip into sleep.

They’ll have even more fun at your house for the holidays if they’re rested.

Final Thoughts

Now you have no more worries when it comes to taking care of your holiday guests! If you have questions or need hot tub service, please be sure and contact us today! We are here to help you!