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5 New Pool Games to Beat Boredom

Are you ready for some exciting new pool games? Your kids will appreciate that there’s more fun to be had in the pool. After all, how many games of Colors or Sharks and Minnows can they play? Check out these five new pool games to beat boredom!

Back to School Party Tips

It’s August, so that means school is right around the corner, or for some of you, it may have already started. So, it’s time to throw a back-to-school party that your kids will remember! Host a back-to-school pool party and help everyone start the school year on a great note! Going back to school doesn’t […]

Dealing with Excessive Chlorine Loss

Well, it’s hot, but you already knew that! And so does your swimming pool. When it is excessively hot here in the Oklahoma area (pretty much all summer!), pools can experience excessive chlorine loss. This is especially true on extra sunny days with no clouds. But you do have options, and you can enjoy a […]

5 Reasons to Get an Above Ground Pool

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a swimming pool, but you aren’t sure about an above ground pool, we’re going to discuss some great reasons an above ground pool is a great investment with many benefits. You probably know why a swimming pool is great – extra family time with your children, a place for […]