What Hot Tub Features Should I Look For?

What Hot Tub Features Should I Look For

Thinking about buying a hot tub? Wondering what hot tub features you should look for? We’ve got you covered.

Modern hot tubs include dazzling features, such as powerful jets, contoured seats, colorful LED lighting, and even waterfalls. But what features matter most for the long-term enjoyment of your hot tub?

You should consider hot tubs with a wide range of features, including design options, different jet systems, water features, and more. It’s important to figure out which are most important to you. For example, built-in LED lighting is perfect for nighttime soaks, and innovative jet systems help relieve muscle pain and provide a relaxing massage. There are also options for wireless remote controls so you can easily adjust the temperature and other settings from any seat in the spa.

Your chosen hot tub features help enhance your hot tub experience.

There are also features that can have a direct impact on your lifestyle.

For instance, a saltwater system like the FreshWater Salt System is easier to maintain and gentler on your skin and eyes while getting rid of the pesky “chlorine smell” associated with traditional water care systems.

If simplified water care and softer, more natural-feeling water are important to you, this is a feature you should certainly look for when shopping for a hot tub.

You have so many options! The following video highlights more of what you can look for. Then be sure and come visit one of our showrooms to see our hot tubs in person.

Watch the video to learn more.

Now you know what hot tub features to look for, contact us today and let us walk you through one of our showrooms!