Tips to Turn Up the Romance

Tips to Turn Up the Romance

While springtime is the stuff poems are made of, February 14 is celebrated by lovers across the world. On Valentine’s Day we share gifts, time, and romantic gestures to those we love. We recognize couples, parents, siblings, children, friends, and more with kindness and generosity.

For couples, though, who have a hot tub at home, they can count on a Valentine’s Day soak to turn up the romance. Let’s look at some tips for the perfect romantic hot tub escape.

Match the Mood to the Person

Because every couple, young and old, is different, you want to plan accordingly for your special hot tub soak.

Some couples prefer quiet nights at home and a simple invitation is fine. Others love the unexpected or the mysterious, so a clever surprise invitation is the better route.

Whichever type of couple you are, a hot tub soak on Valentine’s Day is the ideal way to escape for a night. You’ll reconnect in a romantic atmosphere and refresh your love. Here are some ways to channel your inner Cupid:

  • Send your loved one a handwritten invitation.
  • Greet your loved one at the door with flowers and an invite for a soothing hot tub massage.
  • Lay a path of rose petals to the hot tub. This adds an air of mystery and romance. Leave tokens along the path: a swimsuit, robe, slippers, glass of champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Set the scene. Hang some outdoor lights. Set some candles around.
  • Put together your favorite playlist. Have it playing outside at the hot tub.
  • Plan a delicious dinner as well. You can cook or have it catered.
  • Use your hot tub’s lighting features to add romance.
  • Have special drinks outside waiting for your loved one.

Start a Romantic Conversation

This is the perfect time to rekindle your love and romance. Reminisce about how and where you met. An intimate conversation like this helps you reconnect with your partner. Express your love through sincere and thoughtful stories.

Talk about you first met and when love struck. You may found out something to be surprised about. This is the perfect time for a hot tub cuddle.

Tell each other why you are grateful for one another. It can be easy to take each other for granted. Make a pact to renew your efforts to appreciate one another every day.

Make new commitments to one another. Being together is a work in progress, so take time to enhance your relationship.

Final Thoughts on Romance

Hot tubs are magical places, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Leave the digital distractions inside and enjoy this intimate time together. Make it more special than usual with ambiance, atmosphere, food, drink, and thoughtfulness.

This way you can recreate the same scene whenever the mood hits!

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