Your Routine Needs an In-Between

The BioGuard 3-step program is perfect for your pool and the foundation of pool care, but sometimes it needs an in-between to amplify the chemicals.

Meet Pool Juice, a group of new BioGuard pool products created to fight phosphates, a common pool problem. Pool Juice works with our favorite products to keep your pool cleaner, clearer, and phosphate free. You’ll find this in turn helps keep your chlorine in check.

This video explains more on how and why your pool routine needs an in-between.

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How to Get Softer Pool Water

Your pool looks great, but does it feel great? We’re talking about water that feels so good you can’t help but be impressed.

If you’re using generic white sanitizers, they do nothing to improve the feel of the water, and most of them don’t last very long or keep algae out of the pool. Read more

pool school

Due to the current pandemic, we aren’t having our normal pool school, but we do want to provide you with some information virtually to help! We’ve uploaded a video to YouTube with tons of information!

As always, we are here to answer any questions you have. You can contact us through email, phone, or Facebook messenger. And, don’t forget – we can open your pool, maintain it, and service it, too. Contact us today!

You learn how to take care of your pool in this online pool school.


Why Use BioGuard Products

Wondering why BioGuard products are so great? This video tells you why these are the best products on the market and how buying your chemicals from us takes all the guesswork out of taking care of your pool! Read more


***THE Tru•Blue Promise® program by BioGuard is no longer in use.***

How’d you like it if we told you that you never have to worry about algae in your pool again?

Well, it’s true! You don’t!

BioGuard designed the Tru•Blue Promise® program to ensure you won’t experience algae. But, if it does occur, you won’t have to pay for more products to fix the issue. It’s the best way to focus on great water and avoid any issues this season!

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