Going From Green to Blue

Going from Green to Blue

It’s never fun to open your pool in the spring and find it an ugly shade of green! This pool happens to belong to one of our employees, Mike. Check out what he did when going from green to blue and swim-ready in no time at all.

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Going from Green to Blue

Luckily Mike works in a pool store, so he knew just what to do! He enlisted three products to help you fix his swimming pool so everyone could swim now that it was hot. Here’s what he used:

Pool FixBioGuard Pool Juice 911

BioGuard Pool Juice 911 Instant Water Rescue saved his cloudy, hazy, and dull pool water. The enzyme and clarifier blend helped clear up his swampy pool water conditions.

You can use this product to rid your pool of excess contaminants and non-living waste. Pool Juice 911 quickly rescues your pool water and restores it to a sparkling clear condition so you can enjoy a clean and clear swimming pool.

BioGuard Algae Complete

Mike used BioGuard Algae Complete because it’s an extremely efficient and rapid-working algae eliminator. It works on green algae, mustard algae, and black algae.

Algae Complete is compatible with most swimming pool sanitizers and is a non-foaming product. When used correctly, this product is profoundly effective, as you can see!

Poolife Turboshock Treatment

This is an extremely strong shock product! It dissolves quickly and completely to combat algae and bacteria. It does this all while keeping your pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work.

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