How to Decorate Your Pool for the Holidays

Decorate Your Pool for the Holidays

Create a Christmas wonderland in your own backyard this holiday season. It’s certainly going to be warm enough this Christmas to spend time outside with family and friends.

Why should your front yard get all the love? What’s more, you enjoy your pool in the summer, so why not enjoy it in the winter, too? You can decorate it for the holidays.

Whether your pool is open or closed, we’ve put some ideas together for both scenarios! Great your guests in the front of your house, inside your house, and in your backyard with the holiday spirit. Here’s how to decorate your pool for the holidays.

Use Lighting

So many homes in Wichita are adorned with Christmas lights during the holiday season. Even more homes use string lights during the summer in their backyard. Take it one step further and add Christmas lights in white, red, green, purple, and pink all over your backyard.

String them on your patio or deck, hang them in the trees, string them on your fence, and even on your home. Don’t forget the trees – wrap them up with lights, too.

If your pool is open, you’ll love the way the lights reflect on it at night.

Use Greenery

Don’t forget the greenery to decorate around your pool. You want to hang this before you hang the lights. But don’t leave the greenery to just your front yard. Put it all over your backyard, too – on your fence, around your deck or patio, and around your home.

You can add some holly branches or a few Christmas trees to your empty flower pots.

Use a Bow

You can add a Christmas bow to your swimming pool if it’s closed or even if it’s open. Either make a bow or buy one online to string across your pool.

This is an extra special touch, so get creative!

Toss in Some Inflatables

Some plastic Christmas-themed inflatables are a nice touch for your pool. Either float them in the pool or let them rest on your pool cover.

You can also sprinkle some more Christmas decorations around your pool, such as the figures you might use in your front yard. Don’t forget to add a Christmas tree and decorate it with outdoor balls.

Add Some Candles

If you’re having an evening party, set some candles around your pool deck and on your tables.

If your pool is still open, add some floating candles or another floating lighting.

Final Thoughts

Get creative as you decorate your pool area and your pool deck. Add decor and some lighting, and you’ll have the most memorable holiday season yet.

Don’t forget the New Year. You can modify some of your existing decorations, or you can leave up the ones you have as you ring in 2022!

We wish you the happiest and safest of holiday seasons!