Our Favorite Swimming Pool Trends

We have never seen anything like it! In fact, we’ve seen so many inquiries, we’re in unprecedented territory.

What has the interest of so many Oklahomans? Inground swimming pools.

Because the interest is so vast, we thought we’d take a look at some of our most favorite swimming pool trends this year. Let’s take a look!

Built in Ledges and Bars

Did you know your swimming pool is for much more than swimming? Today’s pool owner wants their pool not only for fun and fitness but for lounging around and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family (Safely six feet apart, of course!).

What’s more, today’s pool owner wants more flexibility. They don’t want to just sit on the side or float on a raft.

This brings us to the trend of incorporating built-in ledges right into your pool. Plus, many people are putting lounge chairs, small tables and bar stools in the actual water on this ledge for extra seating. Sound fun? It is!


We love fire in and around the pool as it adds a lot of great ambiance.

You don’t have to put the fire pit in any particular place. It can go on the side, on the end, and even in the pool. This is an especially aesthetically pleasing trend and helps you extend your pool season longer into the  fall..

Creative Lighting

With a vast area of options when it comes to LED lighting in and around the pool, this is another fun trend that adds extra ambiance at night.

What’s more, your color options are limitless. You can have the standard white as well as multicolor lights, too. Change the color depending on your mood, the season, or the holiday.

It makes nighttime swimming and socializing around the pool extra special.

A Darker Interior Finish

We see many pool owners moving to a darker finish in their pool. Why? It creates a more natural outdoor setting that adds ambaince and serenity. It also adds an extra touch of luxury to your pool.

With a darker pool finish, you also won’t see as much of the dust/debris in the bottom of your pool.

A Built In Bar

Like that tanning or socializing ledge we mentioned earlier, a lot of people are incorporating a bar right into their pool. This helps create the ultimate backyard retreat. Who needs a vacation when everything you need is right in your backyard.

You can add this bar coming out of your pool or incorporate it into your outdoor space. Either way, you can tailor it to your needs.

A Sport Pool

Like a sport court in your backyard, creating a sport pool means eliminating the shallow end and going for a deeper-depth pool.

This is ideal for the fitness minded family who wants to do more exercise in their pool than lounging around.

Conversely, we are seeing many homeowners putting in an Endless Pool Fitness System to take care of their fitness needs as well (we also sell these!).

A Shallow or Cocktail Pool

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the cocktail or shallow pool. This is a much smaller pool that isn’t very deep.  It gets rid of the shallow and deep end and is just a shallow depth.

While users can still swim, this pool is much smaller and  is more for relaxing and lounging around. Be sure of your needs before opting for this unique pool.

This is a quite luxurious pool and works with the other elements in your backyard such as your beautiful landscaping, outdoor kitchen, or hot tub.

Final Thoughts on Swimming Pool Trends

This is the year of the backyard retreat. One of the best things about these swimming pool trends is that many pool owners can add them right into their existing pool, while new pool owners can customize a new pool.

Either way, we are here to help you! Contact us today for a new pool build or a pool remodel and let us help you create backyard memories for a lifetime.