Warmer Weather Means It’s Time to Look Under Your Cover

Lots of Rain Means It's Time to Look Under Your Cover

We’ve had some periods of unseasonable weather this winter, and now it’s starting even to get a little warmer. Yet, you still have your pool cover on, and you may not be ready to open your pool.

In this article, we look at how warmer weather means it’s time to look under your cover.

Bring Us a Sample

When it was colder and the water in your pool was freezing, things were fine. Now that it’s been getting warmer and looking to stay that way for a while, you want to make sure your pool doesn’t turn green this spring.

Most pools in our area haven’t frozen this year, so you want to lift up your pool cover and bring us a sample of your pool water. We’ll run it through our computerized system (for free!) and let you know what you might need to add to make sure your pool isn’t full of algae when it’s time to open it this spring.

Clean Your Pool Cover

It’s also a good idea to clean the area around your pool as well as your pool cover if it is full of leaves. You want a cover that is clean of debris. You can use a leaf blower or gently use your pool brush to clean the surface.

Got questions about your pool or your pool cover? Give us a call or stop by! Our expert staff and service team can help you with all your pool issues.