How to Have a Great American Campout


Have you ever been camping? If not, it’s an easy way to enjoy the outdoors and experience nature. Have little kids? Try a backyard campout? Ready to be adventurous? We’ve got tips!

In this article, we look at how to have a happy and enjoyable campout.

Planning ahead is important whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time camper. You’ll want to think about where you plan to camp, and if you’ll need facilities (think restrooms), or if you’ll really be roughing it.

Before we get into tips, let’s look at the Great American Campout.

The Great American Campout

June is Great Outdoors Month. Plus, National Wildlife Federation (NWF), hosts the annual Great American Campout in June to encourage people to “take it outdoors.”

You don’t have to camp just in June, because the National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Campout is a summer-long celebration of camping as a way to connect with nature and wildlife. They encourage everyone to take the pledge to camp:

  • In backyards or neighborhoods
  • In local, state or national parks
  • In cabins, RVs or treehouses

The NWF encourages everyone to get outside and camp at least once this summer. You’ll enjoy numerous benefits for your body and mind through connecting with nature and wildlife.

Here’s how to have a great American Campout:

Pick a Campsite

Check out these resources for help finding your perfect campsite, but remember, your backyard works, too!

 Take These Things With You

  • Just the essentials!
  • A tent, sleeping bag, and if you’d like, a camping pad to put under your sleeping bag.
  • Flashlight or lantern.
  • Bug spray and sunscreen.
  • Extra layers of clothes and/or moisture-wicking clothing in light colors when it’s hot.
  • Rain coat and sturdy shoes.
  • Trash bags, first-aid kit, cooking stove, multi-purpose knife.
  • A limited amount of toiletries.
  • Food including high-energy, healthy snacks.
  • Big Green Egg
  • Yeti Cooler

If you’re camping in a place that allows it, consider taking a mini grill with you. This way you can grill burgers, hot dogs and s’mores. A perfect size, the Big Green Egg Mini is our choice for camping and boating. It’s so nice to take the Ultimate Cooking Experience with you and leave those heavy propane canisters at home!

If you’re taking perishable food with you, make sure to take a Yeti cooler. Not only are they built for the wild, but they’ll keep your perishable food and drinks cold for days.

Leave No Trace

Be sure and protect nature when you’re camping. When putting down your tent, try not to disturb the plants.

It’s a good idea to cook on a grill or a camping stove to avoid any campfire problems. If you do build a campfire, keep it away from trees and grass, and always keep water nearby. When leaving, fill your firepit with sand or soil and leave the spot just as you found it.

If you’re camping during a hot, dry summer, know the fire regulations.

If there are trails, try and stay on them so as not to disturb the plants and wildlife. The NWF says happy campers protect wildflife.

Take all of your trash out with you and pick up any you see lying around.

Looking for a Big Green Egg or a YETI cooler to take with you on your next summer camping trip? Stop by one of our two locations today! We’d love to help.