Fall is the Best Time to Remodel Your Pool

Fall is the Best Time to Remodel Your Pool

Does your pool need a refresh? Are things looking a bit outdated or even dilapidated? Autumn is a great time for a swimming pool renovation.

Doing it now means you’ll be enjoying your swimming pool with the first rays of spring.

Let’s look at why fall is the best time to remodel your pool.

You Don’t Lose Time

Much as you love your pool, as the days get cooler, and the nights require a jacket, you notice that pool season is coming to a close.

Even if you have a heater and still use your pool, we bet you aren’t using it nearly as much. The days are shorter, fall activities take over, and your pool sits empty.

That’s okay, especially if you know you’re ready for a swimming pool refresh.

Autumn is the perfect season to renovate your pool because you won’t miss it nearly as much as you would come springtime.

Builders Have Time

Fall is perfect timing for pool builders who are usually booked solid during the spring and summer.

They are poised and ready to take on your remodel, so you can get your pool remodeled without having to fight with the busy schedules of pool builders, construction workers and contractors.

You Have Time

Fall pool renovations are terrific because you aren’t under the gun to finish quickly so your friends and family can jump back into the pool.

By taking care of the project now, you’re ready to open your pool the minute the sun shines in the spring.

Many pool owners wait until January and February when weather can slow the project down. There’s not as much to worry about October-December, so it’s a great time in Oklahoma to remodel your pool.

It Doesn’t Upset Your Landscaping

Most of your flowers are fading, and the vegetables have slowed their growth.

Pool renovation can take a toll on actively growing plants. So, by doing your remodel in the fall, you don’t have to worry about missing flowerheads.

Plus, fall is a great time for landscaping and adding shrubs, trees and landscaping features. Once your pool remodel is done, you can tackle your backyard.  This gives new plants plenty of time to get their roots before spring.

To Conclude

Fall is the best time to remodel your pool. You’ll be so glad you started the project now instead of waiting until spring.

Give us a call or stop by today! We are excited to meet you and help you rejuvenate your pool so it’s ready to go come the next pool season.