Meet Doug, our full-stime Service Manager, based out of our 21st Street store. He is the one who comes out to service and help you take care of your hot tub so it’s running perfectly when you want to use it!

Doug specializes with spa repair of Hot Springs, Tiger River, Hot Spot, Limelight, Free-Flow spas. He is also our go-to guy for heater, Ozone/UV and salt system repairs.

We are  so glad to have worked with Doug for nearly 30 years! Doug has been an asset to Fiesta Pools since he came to work with our company back on October 15, 1992.

Did you know?

  • Doug is an ex-Marine. (Thank you for your service!)
  • He’s a jack of all trades; there really isn’t anything he can’t do or fix.
  • When he attended college, he completed the Electrical Engineer courses.
  • Doug works hard, and in his spare time he enjoys writing music and playing the guitar
  • He also loves to watch a good movie. He likes them all except A24 movies; he’s not a fan.